Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ideal Vacation

Winter is rearing its blustery head in my neck of the woods again. Although we're only a month in to this season, we've had a major "snow event" every week since Christmas! So, as I wait for the next storm to blow into town, I thought I would ask you all to help me put our collective minds into greater climes and ask you to answer, what is your ideal vacation? Since I used the term "ideal" that means the sky's the limit. Do not use lack of money as an inhibitor. Whatever your dream vacation would be is what we're interested in reading. If it is a tropical vacation, explain where you would go and what you would see there. If it is a perfect mountain top to ski down, describe where you are. If it is a European race circuit, then set the scene. Cruise, desert oasis, or anything in between, so long as you take me and my senses far away from my same old scenery here - falling snow, stir-crazy kids from being cooped up, my husband dressed as Nanook of the North to snow-blow and shovel, and me in my long johns!

I hope to read your responses today, I could certainly use the escape and always enjoy reading your comments! Please join me tomorrow for Tantalizing Thursday (no seafood this week, J.C.) and again on Friday for the ever-popular Friday Music Bog.

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Looking forward to reading about YOUR ideal vacation!


  1. I wouldn't mind a trip to LeMans, or Macchu Picchu. Heading back to some island in the Gulf of Mexico sounds great as well. A visit to the night race at Bristol would be neat, or the 24 hours of Daytona... which is on this weekend.

    I'd probably go for the "island in the Gulf" vacation if I had my druthers.

  2. Weekend at Niagra Falls on the way to the Isle of Mann.Scottland in the summer even one handed I can hang. Its always been my dream to make that race and maybe even stop in at stonehenge.

  3. My ideal vacation would involve a life time of travelling across the globe in a haphazard direction, for many years I have fancied spending some time sitting on some Australian mountain range so maybe that would be some sort of ultimate destination.