Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome back in to the Friday Music Blog! One of the most popular blogs I offer, I am excited to introduce the first topic of 2011! Today's focus is songs with adverbs in the title. I know, I know, a bit weird, huh? Well, I get that. I'm odd. I adore adverbs. Completely underused in our lexicon, the adverb illuminates ideas and speech. To review for those of you who consistently slept through grammar class, the adverb modifies the verb, adjective or other adverb in a sentence. Typically adverbs are easily spotted by their "-ly" ending but not all adverbs adhere to this spelling, think "very" or "well". I'll even offer up an example song - "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden. Sappy? Yes. Full of adverbs? You betcha! So, do your best with this oddball topic and see how many songs you can come up with that use adverbs in their title. This is a great strategy to keep your brain sharp and ward off dementia and forgetfulness! (What was I saying?) Just doing my part to keep you mentally keen.

One week under our belts in this new year. I am thrilled with 2011 so far, intrigued by the mystery a new year guarantees, and excited by the new topics I'm introducing this year - the Monday Movie Blog and the Tantalizing Thursday food blog. I'm always curious as to your thoughts about the topics I write. Comments? Critiques? Requests? Let me know!

Join me on Sunday for a special (and rare) blog entry for a very special reason. It will not be posted as early as my week day blogs, but it will be posted for public consumption sometime before I go to bed that night! I hope you can check back for that and, of course, continue to check back for the FMB posts that accrue. And then, I invite your to join me to start the second week of 2011 with me at Chief 187 Chatter! Happy Weekend!!


  1. Ouch! My head hurts! Stop making me think!

    The Most Beautiful Girl - Charlie Rich
    The Most Wonderful Day of the Year - Burl Ives

    I'll go back to stormwater design and lot grading now...

  2. Is this a trick question ? I learned my languages (English & German) by ear, I left the rules to the clever folks in class.

    Under Pressure here !

  3. Love that song, Art! Sorry for the grammatically difficult assignment. I can change the topic mid-stream...

    Songs with "Candy" in the title or in the lyric. Knock yourself out!

  4. A giant juke box hit from the Archies :-

  5. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time -Paul McC & Wings
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps -George Harrison
    I Can See Clearly Now -Johnny Nash
    The Man's Too Strong -Dire Straits
    It's Too Late Baby -Carole King
    Don't Get Around Much Anymore
    Sooner or Later -The Grass Roots
    Softly and Tenderly
    Away In A Manger

    If you ask us to diagram the song titles, I'll need to report you to the Blog Commission on grounds of causing further mental anguish.

  6. Well done, Steve! Borderline teacher's pet? LOVE your selections! You earned an A+ today!!

  7. Truly- Commodores (or is it Lionel solo?)

  8. Will this one get me of an F- ?

  9. Well, that depends. If you are dedicating it to me then you get extra credit and graduate at the head of the class!
    If it's for some other hag, then, yes, you fail miserably.

  10. Have You Ever Really Loved A Women... Brian Adams
    Have I Told You Lately... Rod Stewart
    You Look Wonderful Tonight... Clapton
    Positively 4th Street... Dylan
    What's my test score? 25? 50? 75? or 100?

  11. Killing me Softly- Roberta Flack.

    I'm brain dead right now and thats all I can think of at this moment.

    Hi Chief, been very busy lately and look forward to you keeping me in line when I stray.

  12. Grumpa, you ALWAYS get an "A" (100%) for effort!

    Ice Man, it is my PLEASURE to keep you in line when you stray! And, for the record, "Killing Me Softly" was the reason for this blog focus!

  13. Who's killing you softly Chief? Did you get your Xmas bill?lol