Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Welcome back to a new week at Chief 187 Chatter. Since 2011 started we have been compiling an alphabetical list of our favorite movies each Monday. I am delighted with the resource that is being constructed by all of us and am always excited for Monday to come so the list can be extended by yet another letter! As this is the start of our fifth week we are brought to letter "E".

Please take a moment to write about your favorite movies that begin with the letter "E". It is always appreciated if you could also give a reason why you enjoyed the movie and who starred in the movie. The more information provided the easier it is for people to decide. I truly await your selections with rapt anticipation!

In the northeast of the United States where I am located we are gearing up for another round of snowstorms this week. Since Christmas we have experienced one storm per week at least. That is a lot of snow! My children have been home from school at least one and in many cases more than one day per week due to the inclement weather since the winter holidays. My husband has cleared our driveway and walkways countless times (he does it more than once per storm to stay on top of it) and I have made mountains of "snow day" foods to keep up his strength! And as endless as this winter has been, and it's only 1/3 of the way over, I am still enjoying it immensely! The snow is majestically beautiful, having the children squeal with glee over another (fingers crossed) snow day, and having my husband work from home on treacherous days so I need not worry about him on his commute, as well as having this blog to write and interact with you all, has made this winter tolerable and downright fun! So I say "Bring it!" Mother Nature and as long as my family is safe, my power on, my Internet connection working, and you all here to keep my company, I can certainly hold out until spring. I've just got to run to the store this morning for eggs before Old Man Winter strikes again!

I hope wherever you are spending your winter you are warm, safe, and dry. Together we can entertain ourselves at Chief 187 Chatter between creating a movie and music list, sharing of recipes, and discussing whatever is on my mind and your opinions. So, thank you for joining me today and I hope to see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Educating Rita with Michael Cane and Julie Walters was an interesting tale of empowerment between an English University tutor and his Open University pupil.

    I caught a little MTV visiting a friend recently and saw a couple of clips from 8 mile, next time I feel like being ranted at for an hour and a half I might bring it home from the video library :-)

  2. I am going to have to go with the first ever E movie that I can remember ET. It was such a great movie in it's time and my kids are now watching it today and love it. It was a roller coaster of emotion for me when I was little, scared at first and then weeping at the end when he had to leave.

  3. Endless Love - the Brooke Shields vehicle that features a fresh-faced Tom Cruise. The movie isn't high-caliber, but it produced one of the most powerful ballads of the same title. Fun drivel for a mindless escape.

  4. Two quirkish Tim Burton films (is that redundant?), starring Johnny Depp:
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Ed Wood

  5. E.T.- I watched it in the theater. My mom had to cover my mouth because I was crying so loudly when E.T. "died."

    Erin Brockovich- Julie Roberts. I watched this movie in a hotel just outside of Paris, France. The cool thing? It was in English with French subtitles! :D

    Election- Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Brodrick. A sleeper movie about a girl who is determined to win the school class presidential election. I would put this one under the "dark comedy" genre.

    Elf- Will Ferrell. A new Christmas classic.

    Emperor's New Groove- David Spade, Ertha Kitt, John Goodman. One of my favorite Disney movies. I still quote it. Llama face!

    Empire Strikes Back- Mark Hammil, Harrison Ford. I don't think this requires a synopsis. ;)

    Encino Man- Brenden Fraiser, Pauly Shore. Brenden Fraiser plays a thawed out neanderthal in Southern California. Sean Astin and Pauly Shore try to acclimate him to modern society and the hilarity ensues.

    Employee of the Month- Dax Shepard and Jessica Simpson. Another lazy Saturday afternoon movie. Formulaic of course. I believe that Dax Shepard should be cast as Chad Knaus in the Jimmie Johnson Story... just saying.

    Elephant Man- I don't remember much of this movie other than the fact I was very young and had nightmares for YEARS after it.

    Evan Almighty- Steve Carrell, Morgan Freeman, Wanda Sykes, John Goodman. I prefer this one to the original Bruce Almighty. Basically Evan turns into Noah. Funny movie. Love Steve Carrell & Morgan Freeman.

  6. Eight Men Out- Say it ain't so Joe!

    El Norte- A good movie about Mexican imigrants who don't get the acceptance like Japanese and Chinise imigrants do.

    Enchanted- I don't know why I like this movie but I do, charming. Patrick Demsey stars in this one with Susan Surrandon.

    Eight Below- Love this movie about survival. Bruce Greenwood, Paul Walker.

    Elizabeth Town- Love this romantic comedy, stars Orlando Bloom.

    Evita- Don't cry for me Argentina!

    Stay warm Chief Family!

  7. Good Lord! I couldn't think of any today!
    I like the above mentioned Empire Strikes Back and

    I've heard good things about Empire of the Sun and Eight Men Out, but have not seen them yet.

  8. Racer, our friend Beth mentioned Excalibur, one of your all-time favorites!

    Terrific list today! Thank you everyone who contributed! I'm adding several of these to the queue!!

    How could I have forgotten Empire Strikes Back?!?!

  9. El Dorado, because it's John Wayne! Robert Mitchum and James Caan are in it too...