Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

There are times that this post simply enhances my life. I get to reflect back on the best times and revel in the fact that I am blessed.

Other times I look to these posts as a form of sanctuary; a place to run to when life is overwhelming and I’m looking for perspective.

For some finding joy all around is easy, for others it takes more work. I run the gamut so I’m considering myself a student of Simple Joys.

I just know that life before Simple Joys was not nearly as satisfying or wonderful as life since them.

Now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Mel and Bill. One day my cousin Mel called me and told me her new boyfriend was a part of a relatively new Internet radio station. He was looking for a writer to add content to the site. Bill and I talked, agreed to work together, and within a month expanded my role to include my working on air to talk about NASCAR.

That was the start of a glorious friendship. From that connection I found more work as a writer and more work as an on-air personality.

I just found out that my cousin is now engaged to Bill. This is the most enormous Simple Joy for me as I adore my cousin and Bill. Expanding my family with a friend like I have in Bill is truly the best of Simple Joys. Congratulations Mel and Bill!

Malbec. I like wine but I have never found one that I could tolerate for long. This doesn’t bother me as I’m not a big drinker at all, but I do like to enjoy a glass of wine occasionally.

The other day I was talking to my dear friend and he asked me a few pertinent questions about my preferences concerning wine. We discussed it and he suggested the Malbec.

I bought the wine and tried it. I loved it. That’s it, end of story. I told him that the wine is now my signature one. This friend of mine is studying to be a sommelier; I’d say he’s damn great at it!

Finding a wine that I truly enjoy from start to finish is a satisfying Simple Joy.

Vito. There are times in your life when you meet someone who just gets you. You share common background, tastes, experiences, and philosophies. That’s only happened to me a few times. With one of those people I married!

Vito is another one this has happened. We communicate two ways, through words and through songs. He is my strong encourager, loyal fan and friend, and great sounding board. He picked my wine above, gives super advice, provides ideal music to keep me inspired, relaxed or pumped up, and cheers me to no end.

Having a friend in Vito is a Simple Joy that will be with me for the rest of time.

Flower. My husband took the boys fishing on Saturday morning while my daughter and I held down the fort. She watched a movie, twirled like a ballerina, and played toys while I tried to change the sheets on the bed and made sure my daughter did not destroy our home or herself.

Upon returning my youngest son, the middle child, handed me a beautiful flower and instructed me to, “Put it in your hair!” I was so overwhelmed by the loving gesture.

The boy thinks his mother is beautiful (all the men in my family do I’m thrilled to relay) and loves to present me with beautiful gifts.

Having that child in my life and the gifts of love and kindness he bestows daily are Simple Joys that I wish to never lose.

Swim Banquet. My sons were a part of a huge swim team this summer. They swam six days a week and had 2-3 meets per week. They made marked improvements throughout the season and had a great time.

Saturday night the banquet was held to honor the coaches and the team. It was held at a fabulous location with delicious food; we dressed all three children up and ourselves and went out.

We had a terrific time and truly just enjoyed spending time with the families who we’d normally see at practice and meets. They all cleaned up well!

Celebrating the end of another successful season with our swim team friends was a fun-filled Simple Joy.

Each week holds gems to behold – some small with an intrinsic value that doesn’t correlate to its size and others plainly important and large. They all combine to make a plethora of Simple Joys that make me soar.

Whether you write down your Simple Joys like I do or simply take a moment to think of them weekly, I hope you see a positive and changed perspective in your life because of them.

Wishing you another week filled with Simple Joys. It is always my great pleasure to read YOUR Simple Joys.

Join me tomorrow for an extra special post that is dear to my heart on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Simple joy noodling around the countryside last weekend, in an MPV !