Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love Part VIII

Welcome to the eighth edition of “Love” on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

As August is the month when my birthday falls, I am taking ownership of the August edition of “Love” and streamlining it. For this month all of the entries are songs – music is what I love most this month.

My time is limited between raising the children, keeping house, and working on my articles and radio programs. I haven’t had time to read books outside of the NASCAR topics I devour to stay current and well-read. I haven’t watched a movie in full since the racing season began back in February. But music I listen to each and every day.

The music I choose to put on my iPod playlists runs the gamut from Classic Rock to my favorite Broadway show tunes and everything in between. But, for the most part, love songs populate my lists the most.

Love is, quite frankly, what makes the world go around. Love inspires, motivates, and captivates. Love, in all of its forms, is the topic that intrigues, fascinates, and pleases me most. And so, with great pleasure, I give you the love songs that I wish to showcase for this feature “Love: Part VIII” on Chief 187™Chatter.

New Love

“Beginnings” Chicago – This selection may have been used before on this series, but it bears repeating what a truly electric, awesome, and wonderful song it is. For those who have ever fallen in love, the lyrics and feeling of this song fit the emotion beautifully.

“Give Me Just a Little More Time” Chairmen of the Board – A great hook, plaintive singing, and a fabulous sound add up to a favorite for me that I recently rediscovered.

“Overjoyed” Stevie Wonder – A lovely song that awakens a passion in me. So sweet, emotional, and well-crafted. “All true love needs is a chance…”

Taking a Chance

“Through the Fire” Chaka Kahn - I am obsessed with this beautiful song I loved during its first go-around. Thanks to YouTube and one of its suggestions, I found it again. Kahn’s voice is luscious as are the lyrics and music.

“Ready to Take a Chance Again” Barry Manilow – I refuse to be ashamed or quiet about my love of many of Manilow’s works. He is a talent and, before he became lounge-lizard-like, a true pleasure to listen to. I still enjoy his earlier works immensely, like this one. Optimistic, encouraging, and, at the risk of over-using this word in this piece, passionate, Manilow makes this one a joy to listen to over and over again.

“Ordinary People” John Legend – I know I have used this song before for the “Love” series, but, like so many others, it belongs here again. As someone who has been with the same man her entire life, it is a comforting song that takes the pressure off. Love songs tend to be flowery, overly emotionally one-sided, and hard to live up to so this song is a gorgeous reminder that what unfolds is all good. We don’t know what will happen but nobody does. Ahhhh, thank you.


“I Love You” Climax Blues Band – Every time I ask for a love song on one of my Friday Music Blogs my husband lists this song and this song solely. I love it. To him, it is the perfect summation of our love story. How can I argue with that? If you don’t know it or haven’t treated yourself lately, it’s a lovely song even if it doesn’t tell your story!

“Sweet Love” Anita Baker – In the late 1980s I pined away for my love who lived nearly 500 miles away from me. The first strains of this song would play on the radio and it would take me to him in my mind. I still adore the song and remember fondly how it helped stoke the fires of our love.

“Endless Love” Lionel Richie and Diana Ross – Call it trite, sophomoric, or silly, but I adored this love song when it debuted and have never had my love for it wane. Being with my high school sweetheart and never breaking up I do believe in its premise that our love is indeed endless. Truly gorgeous song.


“Easy” Lionel Richie – Such a beautiful song that is actually about the bitter end of a relationship! “I know it sounds funny but I just can’t stand the pain, Girl I’m leaving you tomorrow.” Whoa. But, even though it is negative, I cannot help but enjoy its musicality. Awesome.

“Holding Back the Years” Simply Red – I know I’ve written about this song many times before. I’ll reiterate, I would not go to bed in the summer of 1986 until I heard this song on the radio. It was a haunting song then and still is. I adore it and own it on my iPod in both its original form and as a live acoustic version. It holds up to the years!

“Hello Again” Neil Diamond – Like my enjoyment of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond’s lush music, heartfelt lyrics, and amazing music makes me soar. This song makes me cry. Although my husband and I have very rarely spent a night without one another, we have lost our way at times. He tries to reach out and, believe it or not, my poor communication skills have caused riffs. He just calls to say hello and I never really got it. Thankfully I do, now.

I could, simply, go on and on but this seems like a good place to stop. It dawns on me that most of these songs have been featured on other “Love” posts throughout the year, but when I started this edition, I wanted only my favorites. Of course, there are many more and throughout the rest of the year I’ll get to them.

My Simple Joy is to learn about others’ favorite songs, especially love songs. As a gift to me, would you kindly list your favorites? They need not be categorized like mine, just one, two, or a list of your favorite love songs. I appreciate it in advance!

Please join me tomorrow for the delicious Tantalizing Thursday from Bristol, Tennessee on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Hmmm... Holding Back the Years. SO good! That is one of those songs that illicit a physical reaction. Right in the gut. Close the eyes and feeeeeelll the song. So, so good!