Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another One about Embracing Life

It happened again. People died. And I hate it.

One man died in a terrible storm. Another was a friend’s mother who passed unexpectedly. A third was a woman who drank herself, literally, to death, caught in the throes of a disease so deadly and insidious that saving her was impossible.

Three dead within days of one another, all for different reasons, all at vastly different ages; death does not care. The only connection – I know about them. That’s not much, but to me it was enough to spark a passionate response.

I have written before about my belief that the way to live life is to embrace it whole-heartedly. I believe in telling the truth about feelings, loving completely and fully, and not holding grudges. Too many times I hear the regret when I talk to those who have lost loved ones.

So, some think I’m outrageous, others simply don’t understand me at all, but everybody knows how I feel about them.

I have a dear friend who has to undergo a serious medical procedure. It will change his life drastically. He is staring mortality in the face.

We talk a lot. I tell him that nobody knows when we are going to die; we do not come with literal or accurate expiration dates. He knows this more than most, but when events are happening to you it’s harder to find perspective.

I am willing him to follow the course that can lead him to wellness, even though it is truly a scary process.

Our friendship is new but ageless. We are the best of friends and I will do all I can to show him unlimited support. I just found him, I’m not letting him go.

Another friend was diagnosed with cancer, something his entire family has succumbed to when they have been around his age. But this friend won’t hear of it. He’s fighting and staying optimistic. I love him all the more for that. He is another friend I am unwilling to let go.

A positive attitude takes us so far in this life. It is the force field that refuses to let negativity take hold and rob us of our goodness.

Life is so very precious. Time is the commodity we cannot get back. And, although I am not spouting anything new or original, it’s just another friendly reminder to grab those you love, tell them you do, and don’t look back.

None of us knows how long we have so we need to make the most of each day.

I’m starting today.


  1. I've already taken life "by the horns" and embraced it. I started by being nice to people no matter how hard they make it for me; it's almost like a challenge to turn them around.

    I lost a dear friend to cancer last year. She is in my thoughts every day and I'm inspired by the energy she had and the giving attitude she had towards everyone and everything.

    Sadly, I know of someone who I'm pretty sure is drinking himself to death. He does not know that I am aware of his problem and has pushed me away, perhaps in an effort so that I'll never find out. I learned he was in the hospital having major surgery and sent flowers. Not expecting to hear a thank you but wanted him to know that despite his ending the friendship I am still there to support.

    Life is hard...let's make the best of it! Smiles.

  2. I kissed my husband goodnight and said "I love you." He said "I love you, too."

    The next morning I woke up. He didn't.

    He was only 36.

    I miss him every single day, but it's a comfort of sorts that our last words were "I love you."