Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Proud to Root for America

Between the NASCAR races held at Pocono Raceway this past weekend and the Olympic games being held in London this summer, it is evident to me that Americans have a strong passion for their country. It is a good thing.

Chants of “USA USA USA” fill the speakers of my television. At the local diner, pizzeria, grocery store, mall, and businesses productivity has slacked off because watching sports that range from swimming and gymnastics to synchronized high dive and water polo fill the heads of employees.

Watching the Olympics, it seems, is addictive. Learning about the American athletes, their path to the games, and the intricate (and confusing) rules to their sports is mind-boggling. But no sooner do viewers learn about Judo they have to beef up their knowledge about track and field again.

But one thing is clear, Americans support their Olympic athletes. We show up in droves, cheer loudly, and cry unabashedly when we win. We watch throughout the day, stay up far too late at night, and try to become experts in the days we have to absorb all the information to make us such.

While walking through the Pits at Pocono Raceway Sunday morning before the running of the Pennsylvania 400 several of the televisions were showing Olympic coverage. That’s right.

Because where else would you find fans of American athletes than a NASCAR track?

NASCAR is, without a doubt, the most patriotic of sports.

A sea of military uniforms can be spotted throughout the throngs of race attendees. American flag emblems appear as often as Dale Jr. swag does!

From the singing of the National Anthem to the flyover American pride is in full force when NASCAR races come to town.

The giant and majestic American flag that ripples in the wind at Pocono Raceway and presides over the grounds is yet another symbol of American patriotism.

It encourages me to surround myself with people who love this country as much as I.

Sometimes it just takes a jolt of Olympic fever coupled with a weekly dosage of NASCAR to remind me that I’m not the only one who loves my country fiercely!


  1. Great blog Chief ! As your correspondent from the other side of the pond may I also put in a word for the performance of the century from Team GB ! Home advantage I know but we have never seen so much gold in over a century :-)

  2. WE're HERE!! & With you ALL THE WAY !

  3. Yes Art, so proud and pleased for TEAM GB as well. They are our allies and friends and fabulous hosts of these games. Cheers!