Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music (Spyro Gyra)

Although I’ve been writing the Friday Music Blog for several years now, I’m not sure I have adequately relayed how much music means to me. It came to mind on Friday night when at a Spyro Gyra concert that I was truly, blissfully, and completely happily immersed in music.

Watching the musicians on the stage, all enormously talented, skilled, and engaging, I had an epiphany that I was a lucky part of something magical, organic, and true. It struck me as I could not sit still, compelled to move my body rhythmically. Feet tapping, hands clapping, hips swaying in my seat, and head bopping were among the many movements that were involuntarily yet satisfyingly happening to my body.

I was a part of something communal and personal at the same time. It was pure, sexual, intelligent, and original. I was hearing, listening, feeling and emoting. I drifted to thought and then snapped back to the performance. I used my eyes, ears, hands, sense of smell, and brain to soak it all in… the music oozed into my pores, possessed my body, and soothed my soul.

I wanted our time together to never end.

Was I a long time Spyro Gyra fan? No. I knew of their music and had liked what I heard, but had never taken the opportunity to listen at length. My loss.

By experiencing the band live, in an intimate setting (I was lucky to score front-row seats) I felt a bond with the band. But no matter where the audience members sat, we all agreed to the same.

And the band, I was conscious to witness, enjoyed their sound and their individual talents immensely, too. When the musicians were given solos to perform I witnessed brilliance. Every time. And I noted that the band mates all stepped back to listen with awe and rapt appreciation as well.

I learned a lot by attending the Spyro Gyra concert. First, I learned they are truly a top-notch act with original music that is diverse, intricate, complicated, and accessible. I learned that I need not have lyrics to a song to love it; as a writer that is a difficult concept for me to accept, but I can state that I have fully done so now.

I learned that live music is usually the best music. Concerts provide a one-time-only community that feeds itself – anticipation, excitement, appreciation – a collective soul that is unique to the venue and the event.

Taking away a lot from being a member of the Spyro Gyra concert audience, I urge you all to see this amazing band LIVE in concert. Buy their albums and let their music, decades-worth, seep into your soul.

And, the next time you listen to music, be it live or otherwise, treat yourself to fully immersing yourself into it.

Stop doing something else and just be one with the music. Listen, close your eyes, let your body move, your mind wander, and your inner self get re-nourished.

Music does that for me and more. It tells a story, heals me when I’m hurt, celebrates with me when I’m happy, and keeps me company when I am lonely. And now it offers even more after my experiences at the Spyro Gyra concert – it has newly inspired and motivated me.


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  1. MUSIC is TRULY FOOD for the soul!! all it takes is a desire to "LISTEN" with I mind..not only an ear!! Great PIECE!!

  2. Ahhh, such fortune you have! Glad to see they're still going strong :-)

  3. Let's see if anyone can find the link to the YouTube incar camera from a 1960 Daimler SP250. The background music is Spyro Gyra.