Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

There are times in life when it is difficult to keep moving forward. When good times end abruptly, loss is felt, and days stretch out endlessly before you. Bleak, sad, and feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the ending of something – a love affair, a community, a life – can make one feel breathless and hopeless.

These are the times when Simple Joys are of the utmost importance. Finding the tiniest thing, feeling, and/or moment that makes you feel good is what a Simple Joy is. At first it is difficult to locate a Simple Joy. But, with eyes and heart opened, Simple Joys have a way of falling from the sky and filling one’s coffers.

Once Simple Joys are accepted, looked for, and relished, more start to become apparent. It is Simple Joys that is truly the key to life.

Now, without further ado, is today’s Simple Joys.

Packing. My debut as a member of the NASCAR media was looming. Packing for a trip to Long Pond, PA is difficult as the weather changes on a dime, is always rainy at some point in the day, and is unpredictable at best. With clothes strewn about my two year old daughter desperately wanted my attention. I gave up on packing and gave in to her petulant request.

Once I did I was rewarded with a smiling, happy little girl who was content playing puzzles with me – for over an hour! We talked, hugged, kissed, played puzzles, and just bonded without stress, obstacles, or deadlines. It was the strongest Simple Joy I had experienced with my daughter in a very long time. It taught me to slow down and enjoy things on her level before it is too late.

“Cast Your Fate to the Wind”. On Thursday night I was Mommy, a role I adore, am very grateful, and am truly blessed to have. On Friday I was whisked away temporarily from my “day job” to a new role, that of NASCAR media. My parents, thankfully, took care of my children for the weekend so I could explore this new role with aplomb.

Nervous, excited, thrilled, filled with trepidation and anticipation, I knew I was walking into a world of firsts – something that at a breath away from 40 (17 days away folks) I was unaccustomed to once again.

This song has always meant a lot to me for many different stages in my life. It seemed so apropos for the weekend I was embarking. I did cast my fate… and I was richly rewarded.

The song – and the experiences that followed – is a steadfast Simple Joy in my life.

Campfire. My days were filled with unbelievable riches at Pocono Raceway, brand new experiences, and heady turns of events. My nights were spent among new yet tried and true friends who enrich me deeply. They opened their circle literally and figuratively and brought me in to eat, drink, and, most importantly, laugh.

Spending time with my new friends – all awesome – around the campfire was a profound and nurturing Simple Joy.

S’mores. I was asking for these delectable treats since the first night of our weekend but was always rebuffed. Nobody had the ingredients. It was my first camping trip and nobody was prepared to ply me with S’mores.

Then, finally, on the very last night, when I was flying high yet equally exhausted and spent, one of the couples brought out the fixin’s. They offered me this sinfully delicious treat to which I gratefully accepted.

It was the best S’more I ever had in my entire life. Period.

Yep, S’mores was my sweet, satisfying, and stupendous Simple Joy.

Pat. My weekend at Pocono Raceway would never have happened without my dear friend Pat. We had met a mere month before the race this weekend. I was convinced my chances for going were slim to none as I couldn’t figure out a way to get my husband to attend the race with me.

Within literally minutes of meeting Pat he assured me he would get my husband to the races. And, true to his word, he did.

Thanks to Pat we had the most incredible, amazing, fabulous time. He shared his friends, his love of the track, and his life with us.

Thanks for everything, Pat. We already cannot wait until next year.

Meeting Pat and having the opportunity to hang with he and his many colorful and wonderful friends is a Simple Joy I treasure greatly.

With all of the good times I experienced this past weekend it was difficult to see them end. It was for all of us involved.

I feel so relieved that even though I miss my new friends and the experiences we shared, I know we’ll see one another again.

In the meantime, I have Simple Joys to lookout for in my daily life. They are there for the taking and continuously give me great pleasure.

Simple Joys are available to anybody who opens his/her heart and mind to their existence. It merely takes a little practice to identify them in your own life. But, once you let one in, many many more are sure to follow.

Wishing you a week filled with Simple Joys.

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