Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gifts - Luxurious Stocking Stuffers

There are myriad ways to stuff a Christmas stocking as several previous blogs I've posted and the responses with suggestions prove. From homemade and free items to dollar store specials, trading cards to lip balms, and mittens to socks, there are countless combinations to filling a stocking. But when the special person in your life needs the royal treatment and money is absolutely no object, there are fantastical ways to fill a (giant) Christmas stocking. That is the focus today.

Luxurious Christmas Stocking Stuffers

-Keys to a new (luxury/sports/SUV) car with appropriate elegant key chain
-Fur, leather, or suede anything (coat, gloves, boots/shoes, etc.)
-Tickets for vacation - cruise, European, Caribbean, etc.
-Lead Crystal Champagne flutes & good bottle of bubbly for New Year's Eve/Anniversary/Tuesday
-Silk/Satin/Flannel sheets
-Weekend at a hotel/spa (like Hershey)
-Deed to a new house/2nd home/vacation spot
-New furniture
-New electronics -- Kindle, iPad, digital camera, GPS, MP3, etc.
-Tickets to the playoffs, the Superbowl, the Daytona 500, Game 4 of the World Series, U.S. Open Tennis (or golf), Lakers v. Nets game, etc.
-Tickets to a Broadway show/concert/performance
-Sterling Silver place setting or china setting from your registry
-Wedding or other invitation engraved on Sterling Silver platter or try
-Expensive collectible ornament
-Wallet, keychain, or other accessory from luxury designer (Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc.)
-New cutlery
-Gift cards with a lot of zeros at the end of the digit
-Jewelry -- engagement ring, emerald and diamond necklace, charm bracelet, pearl earrings, onyx cufflinks, signet ring, gold locket with pictures already fitted, tennis bracelet, Rolex, Movado, and anything and everything else that he/she may desire in this category.

I must admit, the only thing I've ever received from this list in my stocking is the last item, jewelry. After opening a stunning piece of jewelry from my husband hours before, I innocently reached into the toe of my Christmas stocking and pulled out a jewelry box revealing a precious gift. I do believe in Santa and finding THAT nestled at the bottom of my stocking made me feel like a giddy child again! Santa has done that to me several times (not every year, but several that I can remember) and the feeling was incredible! But that's my passion. Do the research necessary to find your special someone's passion and help Santa stuff that person's stocking with a luxurious gift.


  1. Will a Bogus Lotus fit into a stocking?

  2. How about a shoe full of diamonds? That could be a fun gift.

  3. I only WISH for keys to a new vehicle!!
    I've been wanting a new dining table set for about 5 years.
    iPad is on a list just not this Christmas list, because I want to wait for the 2nd gen. ;)
    Tickets to Broadway show should include plane tickets and hotel for NYC. ;)
    I am always up for a look-see around a Coach store. I actually purchased a cosmetic case (to really be used as a carry all) with the money I got from my mother-in-law. WOO HOO!
    I've been looking at the Hidalgo turtle and diamond stackable rings for several years too. Although, I don't think I've ever expressed to Stephen that I want it.

    FMB tomorrow! YAY!

  4. Have we covered food yet ? I'm still hungry !

  5. A gift certificate to pick my favorite beads to make a Troll bracelet. Or Pandora. Always loved those bracelets. Just not the price of the beads. $300 for a glass bead....ouch....=)

    And Art, for you a bag of fresh loose leaf tea inside a mug with a zippy bag of home made cookies......=)

  6. On behalf of my hubby, I'd just like to point out that no where in your lists is "action figure".

  7. Oooooo, good one, Drew! Thanks KC!! Keep me on my toes, guys! :-)