Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Music Blog-Romantic Christmas Songs

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. There are nine days left before Christmas so my mind is still firmly entrenched in the forthcoming holiday. And, as I

often state, music colors my mood, enhances my day, and livens up my home. During the Christmas Season it is music that is the thread that ties my holiday together. Every year I add new music to my collection, switch between my personal collection and listening to the radio for a broader selection, and bask in the sweet sounds. For those of you who are “over it”, I give you fair warning; this week and next are and will be Christmas-themed Friday Music Blogs.

This week’s focus is Christmas songs that are romantic. What songs would you consider romantic in nature and sets a mood of warmth, sensuality, and love? Be sure to include the artist.

Once again there is news about Chief 187™Chatter. Another follower drove the list up to 84 so that was exciting. For another week the numbers climbed at the site and 39,000 pageviews

was not only realized but surpassed on its way to 40,000! At the one year anniversary on September 13th this year I was celebrating 25,000 pageviews! I honestly never dreamed 40.000 would be in view as we closed 2011. My dear friend Atila told me 2012 was to be our year for our

respective careers. I’m beginning to believe him! I hope you continue to join me, read, comment, share, and enjoy all I have to write for the remainder of this year and beyond!

Please check back to this blog throughout the day and weekend to read the comments and selections. Weekends are an excellent time to catch up on all things Chief 187™. I will be posting yet another Gift Guide over the weekend so gather the lists up and hit the stores

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  1. And so this is Christmas. Doesn't get any more romantic than a couple of love birds expressing their optimism for the year ahead :-)

  2. I'd recommend Kid Rock's "So Hott", but that's not really a Christmas song...

  3. "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

    "I Love the Winter Weather" -Tony Bennett

    And here's a really obscure song written by Randy Newman, and this sultry version sung by Claudine Longet (ex-wife of Andy Williams and murderer). While this has nothing to do with Christmas, it did appear in the BF Goodrich (A&M Records) "Something Festive" in 1968.

    "Snow" - Claudine Longet

  4. Two songs come immediately to mind: Santa Baby, though that's not really romance as much as sensuality and greed. But for a sensuous performance you can't beat Calista Flockhart

    The other would be All I Want For Christmas is You, by Mariah Carey (NOT the one with Justin Bieber - that's just creepy) This one's nice.

  5. "I've got my love to keep me warm" ...Dean Martin!