Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Jewelry Gift Guide

By far my favorite gift to receive of all time is jewelry. I used to apologize for this as it is

a total luxury, I have a bunch of it, and not everyone sees its intrinsic and sentimental value as I do. But I am through apologizing for loving, recommending, and buying gifts of jewelry. Jewelry is tiny works of art to me. The beauty I can see in the individual pieces I own and/or gift gives me much joy and satisfaction. My senses are turned on by the renderings and I am an avid collector!

Earlier this season I promised to post an all jewelry gift guide. I am delivering on that promise. Men and women, boys and girls, grandmas and grandpas can all appreciate and revel in a new piece of jewelry. Fortunately there are pieces to fit most price ranges. Here is my list of ideas for those who want to give gifts of jewelry this year.

Jewelry Gift Guide


Birthstone jewelry – Real or synthetic, getting a child’s birthstone in a piece of jewelry is a great way to personalize a special piece. Even costume pieces are appreciated, but a fine piece is something a child, if careful, can have for a lifetime. Pendants, earrings, or rings are popular gemstone pieces containing birthstones.

Disney or pop culture character jewelry – From Hello Kitty to Minnie Mouse, there are myriad choices to connect with a child’s interest. There are even places that carry superhero themes like Batman or Superman.

Rubber bracelets – Messages, colors, styles, and reasonable options.


Initial jewelry – Charms, signet rings, or monogrammed jewelry are personalized and special as well as timeless, growing with the young adult as he or she continues to mature.

Gold jewelry – A good piece of gold in the form of a neck chain or bracelet, ring or hoop earring will be a piece he or she will have for a lifetime and is also timeless.

Silver jewelry – Typically far more reasonable than gold jewelry, silver jewelry lends itself to more popular, trendy styles. Teens love the fresh, young, and bright shine that sterling silver offers. Any piece will do, but the chunkier and hefty the better.

Young Adults

Class ring – High school or college, these rings are a rite of passage, become an heirloom, and hold prompts for tremendous memories. Men typically wear these over a lifetime where women tend to trade them in for engagement and wedding rings.


All kinds of jewelry work as long as you know the recipient’s taste.

Diamonds - Many women love diamond jewelry in all forms. Diamond earrings, rings, necklaces, or bracelets all make excellent choices. They are wonderful options in all price ranges, but diamonds are inherently expensive, so there are alternatives if you want to buy a woman fine jewelry and don’t want to spend for diamonds. When purchasing diamond jewelry be share to pick a reputable place you trust to determine you are buying what you think you are.

Gemstone jewelry – Get her a piece of jewelry with the stone that corresponds with the month you were married. Buy her a piece of jewelry with her birthstone. Get her a mother’s jewel with the birthstones of every child she has.

Watch – Elegant, sporty, silver-toned or gold-toned, there are as many choices as there are whims she has.

Flowers – Have a piece made with the flower she carried when she got married.

Charm bracelet – start with a bracelet with 1-3 charms depending on your budget. A great piece for every time she travels, has a birthday or any gift-getting holiday, there is a gift to bestow her!

Christmas jewelry – Fun, sweet, cute, funny, or elegant, there is nothing like a new piece of Christmas jewelry to add to one’s collection or to start a collection!

Engagement ring – You love her? Then what are you waiting for?! A very romantic time of year to get engaged and the family is all gathered anyway…


Why not adorn him? He’s worth it! I’ve never met a man who didn’t like some piece of jewelry.

Neck chain – Hefty to wear alone or thinner to accept a masculine pendant, a man can pull off a neck chain beautifully.

Pendant – A religious medallion, significant symbol, or other meaningful subject is a great idea for a man comfortable wearing something around his neck.

Watch – Usually the one piece of jewelry men are most comfortable sporting. Like for women, there are endless varieties from which to choose.

Cufflinks – Under the tree wrap a few gorgeous dress shirts with French cuffs and put a handsome pair of cufflinks in his stocking! Truly elegant, sophisticated, and rich!

I.D. bracelet – Chunky, masculine, and personalized, the identification bracelet is a classic choice.

Ring – New wedding band, right hand ring, or “engagement” or promise ring for him is appropriate!


Grandmother jewelry – Same as “Mom” jewelry only it includes the stones of all of her grands!
Earrings – This type of jewelry can be changed easily daily! Never too many!


Pocket Watch – Place a great vest under the tree for Grandpa and a gorgeous pocket watch (as little as $5 at Wal-Mart but still terrific) in his stocking!

For ANYONE (young or old, male or female) – Jewelry ordered from Custom Jewelry by Tammy. Her information appears on the sideboard on the right hand side of this page. I have ordered several pieces, some of which were custom jobs and others that were bought directly from her inventory on the site. Tammy’s designs are darling, the quality superb, the customer service excellent, and her range vast. Her reasonable rates make giving jewelry as a gift “doable”, and there is usually a little something left for you to treat yourself!

Don’t forget the lovely gesture of passing down a piece of jewelry to a loved one. This “regifting” is usually much appreciated and vastly emotional. Jewelry has intrinsic and monetary value, but it is the sentimental value that gives it such high status on my list.

If you are clever, have time, and enjoy the activity, you can certainly make jewelry to give as gifts!

My wish list contains one item currently, even though I know it won’t be in the near future, one day I’d like to own the following:

A necklace made of a sketch of two flowers my great-grandmother made while on the phone getting the news that I had been born and I was a baby girl. My cousin who is doing the family genealogy came across the doodle when doing some research in our great grandmother’s personal effects. She shared the drawing recently and I fell in love with the design. It represents to me the way she felt about me upon initially hearing of my birth and my given name. I had only heard stories of her in terms of other family members, never from her relation to me. This made me realize she was not only conscious of me, but already enamored with me. Having a piece of jewelry that replicates the doodle would be a priceless and sentimental piece I would value for a lifetime and beyond. One day…

I hope you got some good ideas and, even if jewelry is not on your gift list this Christmas, this list might help you throughout the years when you want to gift jewelry to a loved one.

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  1. Purity or promise rings are popular in one of my circle of friends. Rings for both girls and boys with the inscription "True Love Waits" are also a beautiful sentiment.

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out Candice!! It truely warms my heart knowing how much the jewelry I have designed for you means to you!! I was reading about the piece you would like to have someday. As I read the description, my mind was already flooded with ideas. This is something I will truely think on and if I can come up with something I will be sure and get with you. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you again, on another custom piece that would be so meaningful as this. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!
    Tammy Olmsted

  3. Nice stuff posted here! I say bring on the vintage pieces...everything from Victorian to my favorite era, the mod 60's!