Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Christmas Crooned by Him

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. With little over two weeks until Christmas the rest of the world seems to have caught up to my enthusiasm for this holiday.

Even procrastinators are decorating, starting their Christmas shopping, and leaving the Christmas music on the radio. I, of course, am in my element and enjoying every moment of the Christmas cheer that exists. For those of you who feel this time of year is tortuous I recommend finding a new tradition to observe that compliments the season but is uniquely yours so you can revel in it without dredging up painful memories. The Friday Music Blog is one way to

add to your Christmas festivities!

This week’s focus is the wonderful renditions of Christmas carols, hymns, and songs crooned by the men. List any and all songs and the chap who sang them.

At the risk of becoming a broken record, Chief 187™Chatter met and surpassed another milestone,

37000 pageviews!

In fact, 38000 pageviews has also been met with the counter whizzing upward and

I am simply floored by the rapidity in which these numbers are turning! I find myself in the position of humbly thanking all of my readers, those who share and retweet my work, and the vast number of you who encourage, support, and champion me and my writings. My frustration is in not having enough new words to express with sincerity how truly touched I am that my work resonates with so many of you. Thank you. Ten thousand times thank you!

Please find the time to leave your response to this queue and then return throughout the day and weekend to see what others have added. In addition, take some time over the weekend to read or reread archived posts. This weekend, like last week, I will be adding another new piece about Gift Buying, so tune in for that. Lastly, I invite you all to join me back here on Monday for the start of another week of new and original posts on Chief 187™Chatter.

Thank you all!


  1. I'm kinda partial to The Jethro Tull Christams Album, sung by Ian Andersen.

  2. Anything Johnny Mathis
    Mary Did You Know- Clay Aiken
    (#1)Don't Save It All for Christmas Day- Clay Aiken
    Celebrate Me Home- Kenny Loggins
    Believe- Jason Lanier or Josh Groban, but mostly Jason. ;)

  3. Baby it's cold outside - my fave version by Sammy Davis Jr & Carmen Mcrae