Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Music Blog-New Year's 2012 Edition

Welcome to the final Friday Music Blog and the final blog of 2011 on Chief 187™Chatter. While year-end reviews, food, and gratitude lists mark the close of a year, music, too, fits that bill. As has been discussed here through the years, music marks daily life and major milestones. Sharing music with you all has been the highlight of every week for me here on Chief 187™Chatter. I’m thrilled to announce that the Friday Music Blog will continue in 2012.

This week’s focus will definitely be music that makes you think of New Year’s Eve/Day. Please list any and all songs that fit the bill for this category and remember to include the artist. New Year’s Eve/Day can be in the title of the song, in the lyrics, or simply make you think about the song in those terms.

I’m tickled to conclude 2011 with 85 total official followers of this blog, nearly 42000 pageviews, and a ton of support from the most engaged and wonderful readership! Words fail to relay the absolute pleasure you all give me through Chief 187™Chatter. I sincerely hope you will all continue to join me in 2012 and help me spread my work to an ever-growing readership.

A new year on the horizon makes me hopeful, optimistic, and anxious to jump in and begin anew. From reinventing myself (to a point) to exploring my life and my place in it, there is much I’m thrilled to experience in 2012. This year I will turn 40 (in August) so I hope you tune in each week to see what life is like for me, a wife, mother of 3, writer, and on-air radio personality. And I truly hope you will take a few moments not only to read daily, but leave your comments, too. Don’t forget, you can not only talk to me through comments here, but also via Twitter by contacting me @Chief187s.

Please check this blog out throughout the day and weekend to see what other selections readers made. Weekends, especially holiday weekends, are a fantastic time to read archived blogs on Chief 187™Chatter. I invite you all to join me on Monday, January 2, 2012 to begin another new year and week of new and original posts. I’ll be there and hope you will be, too.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, prosperous, and Happy New Year 2012!


  1. Well, there's the obvious call; U2 - New Year's Day. But other songs... shoot, I'm stumped. Well, "Auld Lang Syne". That's a gimmee, too.

    Maybe "Sorrow" by Bad Religion, as it's a song about what needs to happen before there's a true new beginning.

  2. I like J.D.'s choice of "Sorrow" DO need to get past the name of the song on that one though.

    I'll give a few others Jesus Jones "Right Here, Right Now" and "Beautiful" by Carole King

  3. I don't know about songs for the New Year but as I write this I'm rocking the house down to "The Spirit Of Radio" off the live CD Different Stages by Rush. I think by midnight I'll be snoozing but I needed a quality music break. The mindless drones I work with make me listen to the same 5 over played songs intermingled with past over played songs on a very tired radio station as far as I'm concerned. I'd ask Calgon to take me away but I think I'll ask Led Zeppelin or ZZ TOP. Aaaaa how how how. You and the family enjoy your New Years Eve........( :

  4. Whenever you go and where ever you go. Be it the spa, a hotel or any-where else, its not the surrounding that gets inside you, it`s the inspirational music that plays with your mind and the environment around you..