Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Holiday Gift Guide - Weekend Edition

Welcome to another weekend edition of a Holiday Gift Guide on Chief 187™Chatter. No matter how prepared we feel and how well we think we know our loved ones, there are those on our list of people to buy gifts we just don’t know what to get. This list is full of suggestions for all personalities, character traits, hobbyists, and hard-to-buy-for people. Wishing you luck on your excursions! May I suggest you compile all of the gift guides from 2011 and 2010, print them out, and take them with you on your shopping expeditions? It certainly can’t hurt and it may just help! Happy Gift Hunting!

Gift Guide

Children (of all ages)

Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars
Batman/Superman action figures
Disney Princesses (Rapunzel from Tangled is most popular but there is everything from Snow White to Belle, Sleeping Beauty to Tiana, and Cinderella to Ariel)
Coloring books/sticker books/activity books + new crayons
Models (cars, planes, boats) with proper glue/paint/etc.
Deck of cards (or a “bridge set”) and a book containing tons of card games
Jigsaw puzzle with a 1000 pieces
Craft kit – not too messy, but something that will keep child happy and occupied during snow days and down times
Treasure box – wooden or cardboard, ornate or plain, a box to hold secret messages, souvenirs, mementos, and various treasures; personalization would be ideal
Tickets to an amusement park (indoor or outdoor)

Adults (of all tastes)

Flameless candles w/ extra batteries to keep them lit throughout the winter
Car Wash gift set
Car safety gift set
Binoculars and a book about birds in the area
Seeds and gardening tools
Special food ingredients, cookbook, and apron
Personalized gift baskets – coffee, chocolates, wine, cheese, meats, pasta, hot cocoa, popcorn, the list is endless
Lottery tickets of all kinds
Magazine subscription with current magazine as the wrapped gift
Hope chest
Holiday/Christmas china – 1 special piece or a table full of place settings; something to add each year
Car manual and a tool chest full of necessary tools for maintenance
Bird feeder with food – unless person lives where bears do (like me!)
Subscription to Netflix – perfect for the movie buff who hasn’t joined the current century!
Weekend away to a great destination – beach, casino, racetrack, Amish country, New England, vineyard, Paris

These are simply general suggestions to get you narrowed into a category. It’s best to know the person you are gifting; if you don’t, the more generic the gift the better. I want to stress that homemade gifts from the kitchen, the workshop, or the imagination are absolutely wonderful and priceless. If you are clever and have the time, those gifts are still much appreciated by

many and understood in this economy. The year my oldest son was born and I wrote everyone in the extended family a personalized letter of their import in my life and the life of my son was most special. Using your talents to bring a gift to fruition should never be overlooked.

It is always my gift when you take the time to read and write me comments. Thank you for reading, good luck on your shopping/crafting, and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

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