Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Lego Video Games

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. The Monday Movie Blog has been swallowed by this more encompassing title so it will be heard from again. I have wanted to explore all forms of media – television, video games, etc. – for ages and felt 2012 was the perfect year to introduce this wider genre for Mondays.

This week’s focus is video games. My children are obsessed with the Lego games. What is your favorite Lego video game? What system do you use to play it? Give any and all information that would help someone looking to buy one purchase your favorite. What is the downside of the game?

Each week the Monday Media Blog will change directions so if you are not a gamer then tune in next Monday to see what the topic will be. Like the Monday Movie Blog created a valuable resource of movies to be utilized by the Chief 187™Chatter readership, so the Monday Media Blog will create a large database of titles for various media. If you have any suggestions I am more than happy to take them. Please contact me here through comments or

via Twitter where you can follow me @Chief187s.

Although it is a new year and Monday has a new face, please join me for Tuesday's regular and the most popular post of any week on Chief 187™Chatter, Simple Joys. Some things never change!

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  1. Wow! Haven't played video games in a while. Have a Wii. Just bought a Hot Wheels game; shrink wrap is still on. Time will tell.