Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Simple Joys

Moods, relationships, and life have an ebb and flow. We are bound to have off days, weeks, even years. It is difficult to navigate these times and not feel frustrated, ashamed, lost, and defeated. But, by opening yourself to pleasure, even for a few minutes here and there, and recognizing that these times do exist, you are on the path to finding your Simple Joys. An unexpected laugh, a peaceful feeling, a much-needed hug, handhold, or back pat are all Simple Joys. Enjoying a sunny day, rainy evening, fireworks, time alone, a good book, or a favorite television show all qualify as Simple Joys. They are all around; it becomes easier the more you open yourself to Simple Joys, the more you notice them around you and you are able to partake. Since writing Simple Joys low these many months, my life gets exponentially better because I am opening my life to more and more Simple Joys. It can work for you, too. It’s not about money, station in life, or opportunity, it’s simply about letting in the goodness that exists all around. Now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Bike Riding. My oldest son who gets a lot of mentions in Chief 187 Chatter, had several goals to achieve before his ninth birthday which occurs in August. Top on the list is learning to ride his bike without training wheels. We live in an area with no real flat areas or safe bicycle trails, consequently he’s ridden around our larger driveway for years using his training wheels. This summer we all vowed would be his last doing this. The first day trying was difficult and frustrating resulting in a bad spill that saw his beloved horn, a gift from his grandparents, broken off his bike. He made some progress, but the mosquitoes who feasted on my son had a better night. The next afternoon, however, my son tried again. He was a bit apprehensive yet still determined to succeed! My husband, a champion with patience in this situation, coaxed our son to trust in his father’s grip of his seat so he could concentrate on moving his body correctly while turning. After many minutes our son got the hang of riding, trusting his father was holding the seat behind him. Eventually, unbeknownst to our son, my husband let go, keeping a very safe two inch space from his hand to our son’s seat, but still not touching the bike. Only after our son stopped did we tell him jubilantly that he was riding unaided! He was overjoyed and so emotional, as we all were. There is still more work to be done, practice to endure, and confidence to build, but our son took his first steps… ride into independence; a very huge Simple Joy for all of us!

Library. With school out for summer, we look for activities that are reasonable (read free) that occupy our time constructively and entertain as well. A trip to the library is a perfect way to fulfill those goals! A recent trip to our local library yielded four books, two Wii video games, and a movie all for … FREE! And the best part is, when we are done with these treasures, we return them and the choosing begins again. Having a wonderful library to visit and borrow from is a much appreciated Simple Joy!

4th of July Fireworks. Growing up I was so lucky to experience a spectacular fireworks display over Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, the largest lake in my great state. A Yacht Club organizes and foots the bill for the public display. Boats from all around gather in the main part of the lake, wait for nightfall, and ooh and ahh over the amazing show. They honk their horns enthusiastically when they see a particularly beautiful firework go off. Seeing fireworks on the lake was always the highlight of the 4th of July weekend. In recent years I have missed many of these displays because I have had babies, too young to stay out late. But, as my sons get older I happily send them to their grandparents, the ones who live on the lake, to take the boat ride to witness the gorgeous show. I get a bit sad and envious that I am unable to see the event, but deep down I am tickled to have them enjoy an experience that I did for years and will again once my baby grows up. Knowing they are taking part in a phenomenal 4th of July fireworks display is a time-honored Simple Joy!

100 Fans/16000 pageviews. Recently the Fans Page my husband started for me as a lark on Facebook reached over 100 fans! I couldn’t believe it! When I scroll through the list I am cheered by how many friends, both on and offline, became fans. It fascinates how many names I don’t know who jumped on the Chief 187 bandwagon! My “Like” page on FB is nearing the 100 mark. Finally, Chief 187 Chatter reached and surpassed the 16000 pageview late last week and is already on its way to 17000! To some these numbers are small potatoes and not worthy of note. To me, these numbers reflect love, loyalty, friendship and support as well as my hard work throughout the months since I started my career in earnest. I am cheered, encouraged, always humbled, and thrilled by your response to me, and excitedly look to the future to be able to continue to serve and entertain you. Writing for me and you is an all-encompassing Simple Joy!

These Simple Joys are obviously mine. I always encourage you to share yours and look forward to reading them. Even if you are against posting them publicly, at least I hope you are inspired to write yours down or think of them if nothing else! Simple Joys are a powerful way to add a positive cast to your life and they truly do grow exponentially once you let them. Wishing you all Simple Joys!

Please join me tomorrow for another all new and original post on Chief 187 Chatter! Thank you for spending some time with me.


  1. Congratulations on the fans & page views!

    Kudos to your son. I think he has earned a new horn. :)

  2. These are all lovely simple joys and I agree that we all should take the time to just relax and enjoy. Congrates on your fan page numbers too, everyone wants to be a fan.