Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Impact Fighter

The first time Impact Fighter came to my attention, Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil was mentioning the outfit in his shout outs during the interview I conducted. Both on the radio and for the article I wrote about him, O’Neil made sure to mention the company that provided his shirts. Of course fighters need to do that; that’s part of the give and take of sponsorship and support. But Chuck O'Neil mentioned Impact Fighter of his own accord, they don't sponsor him; he believes in what Impact Fighter does and respects the company. What I didn’t know at the time is what an incredible company Impact Fighter is, how much they do for so many, and what an important role they play in the world of MMA. This is Impact Fighter.

Now approaching their first year anniversary as a company, it was a visit to the UFC Expo in Boston when friends Michael Carini and Matthew Coulsey generated the idea that grew into Impact Fighter. Longtime martial artist Carini was a huge fan of MMA and saw a need to give a chance to fighters in need and to support worthy causes. Michael Carini began by explaining “Both Matt’s wife’s mother died of cancer and my wife’s mother died of cancer so we have a Fighting Angel’s t-shirt; a couple of wings on the front with a Fighting Angel in American Cancer Pink and we donate a portion of each t-shirt sold to American Cancer.” Carini went on to relay the origins of Impact Fighter, “When we started this, it was kind of funny, we were driving home from the Expo and we were saying, ‘we’ve got to do this, how can we do this?’ We wanted to make an impact on MMA, on people’s lives. My buddy Matt Coulsey said, ‘Let’s call it Impact Fighter because people are always fighting for different reasons and it’s us wanting to make an impact.’ We brought in another friend of ours who owns MB Graphics in Abington who is a phenomenal graphic designer; his name is Mark Beaupre. We started it, we kicked it off and we ran with it.”

Impact Fighter’s first year has been, “Great!” exclaims Carini. “To be honest with you, this wasn’t something we knew we were going to make a living on; we all have jobs, we all do this for fun. We love MMA and we love helping people out.” Carini continued by revealing, “We’ve done fundraisers, working with individuals and organizations like the Cancer Society and Run for Home Base with the Boston Red Socks. It’s something nice to be able to do for the community and MMA.”

Impact Fighter does shirts for Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil who is fresh off a fantastic turn on the reality program The Ultimate Fighter Season 13, which aired on Spike. They also work with Mark Griffin who just got a spot in Bellator and Paddy Thompson who is a current titleholder in the American Fighting Organization (AFO). Impact Fighter kicks back a portion of the proceeds of each shirt sold of their fighter to their fighter. This helps Impact Fighter’s clients financially as in MMA, fighters do not make money outside of the cage and often need to hold steady “day jobs”.

This clothing line celebrates the MMA, gives back to both the fighters they support and the community at large, and concentrates on fundraising. Their shirts are graphically amazing, come in men and women’s styles, and, for the ladies, “are really comfortable, soft, and feminine with a cut that accentuates the ladies’ figure”. With such a positive message, generosity of spirit, and great product, Impact Fighter is here to stay and will continue to make inroads in the world of MMA. Look for a growing line, different styles debuting, and an expanded base in the near future. Impact Fighter wanted to be sure to shout out the AFO, Cage Titans, and Rich O Photography as well as their fighters Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil, Mark Griffin, and Paddy Thompson. To find out more about Impact Fighter please visit the following links:

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It won’t be long before Impact Fighter’s dream of sponsoring a fighter in the UFC comes to fruition if they continue on this bright path! Check out Impact Fighter’s line and help support the fighters and causes of this worthy company.

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