Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. Last week saw a surge in viewers and responders to the post, so I am bowing to conventional wisdom and taking suggestions from Vroom Vroom again. He recently sent me a ton of excellent topic ideas from which I am taking! I encourage you to leave your ideas with me via Twitter by following me and tweeting me @Chief187s. You may find YOUR topic in these pages at Chief 187 Chatter.

This week’s focus is songs with excellent bass lines! List any and all songs that have a strong, memorable, and awesome bass line. As Vroom Vroom wrote to me, he’s just gotta have MORE BASS GUITAR! Remember to list the artist who performs the song as well as the bassist’s name if you are able to find it/know it.

Another milestone was realized on Chief 187 Chatter when the counter surpassed 18000 pageviews! It seems this site has found a strong, loyal, and growing readership! I want to thank all who make Chief 187 Chatter a part of their daily routine! Please join me over the weekend for “catching up” on everything that has taken place here, and meet me back here on Monday to start a whole new week of original works!


  1. Anything by RUSH!

    God Bless Geddy Lee!

  2. Racer, I thought you enjoyed Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, too!

  3. Any time the bassist and drummer make the lyrics irrelevant! Dust off the air bass guitar...
    The Letter- The Box Tops
    Game of Love- Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders
    So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star- Byrds
    Wipe Out- The Surfaris
    Little Bit O'Soul- The Music Explosion
    Tobacco Road- The Nashville Teens
    Gloria- Shadows of Knight
    Who's Making Love- Johnnie Taylor
    Working In The Coal Mine- Devo
    Love Is Here and Now You're gone- Supremes
    Going To A Go Go- Smokey Robinson
    Caramel- Susannne Vega
    Sweet Hitch-hiker- CCR
    Crazy- Gnarls Barkley
    Spirits In The Material World- Police
    Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat- Janet Planet
    Beggin- Frankie Valli & Four Seasons
    Blood and Roses- Smithereens
    Lady Marmalade- Patti LaBelle
    White Wedding- Billy Idol
    I'm Just A Singer In a Rock and Roll Band- Moody Blues
    Heartbeat City- The Cars
    Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry

  4. OK, here is the problem. When I think bass, I don't think guitar. I think those cars that have the huge speaker set in the trunk shaking your windows as they drive by. Think "Cars That Go Boom" by L'Trimm.

    I'm not so musically inclined to even recognize a guitar bass line. :(

  5. Come Together, both Beatles and Aerosmith

  6. Chief- Flea has a bass line? ;-)

    Also, Chief- Using your blogs to create some new playlists on the ipod following your weekly subjects. Appreciate the tips from your blog members.

    Jules- Take a listen to Jr. Cracker's "Come Together" and you'll know all you need to know to recognize a great bass guitar line. A perfect example.

  7. Last post on this, honest...

    Picking two favorites to recommend for anyone who wants to follow a couple of great bass lines. A little hard to pick out on "Beggin'" (Frankie Valli) but once you tune in it's great. Easier on "Going To A Go-Go" (Smokey Robinson). Very tight bass lines, lots of range, very good stuff.