Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Celebrity Crushes

Indulging in celebrity crushes is not only fun but also healthy. It allows you to explore your attractions based on the most superficial of characteristics, looks. Celebrity crushes help define your type, grow in your sexual criteria, and create an incredible fantasy life. As long as it is kept in relative check, celebrity crushes are a great rite of passage that need not end when your Teen Beat subscription does.

Who was your celebrity crush growing up and who is it now? Were you a fan of a seventies pop star or actor or was the eighties your decade with the Brat Pack and hair bands? Were you a nineties kid crushing on flannel-wearing Grungers or 90210 superstars? Have your tastes matured or do you still think Rob Lowe is all that? Was Kristy McNichol hot then and now it’s Brittany Spears? Confide whom your celebrity crushes were, who they are now, and what your crushes meant/mean to you.

There isn’t much more fun than reminiscing about celebrity crushes. Thinking back to your youth, fondly remembering the first hints of attraction, all-consuming thoughts, and a desire to be Mrs. “Superstar” or Mr. “Yes that Hottie is my Wife”.

This piece is most fun when people actually leave their response, so please take a moment to reveal your celebrity crush of old and, if they exist, of modern day! It’s summer, it’s hot, work is not nearly as entertaining as this, so answer!

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  1. I'll get the ball rolling. My Celebrity Crushes were numerous. Michael Jackson circa Thriller album was my first substantial crush - I wanted to be Mrs. Michael, but we all know how that played out. I moved on to John Taylor of Duran Duran fame. He is the bassist. I read in a teen magazine that he loved drinking wine and James Bond movies (of course, looking back, Duran Duran had just recorded "A View to a Kill" for James Bond movie of the same name). I used to *fantasize* about sitting on a couch, drinking wine and watching James Bond movies with him! Lame, but I was in 6th grade! Being naive and having terrible sense, I crushed hard on George Michael. I was old enough to put it into perspective, but ignorant enough to think he was accessible to women.
    Now I crush on Racer 187. True story.

  2. Mine currently is: Dale Jr...shocked aren't ya

  3. Fun topic and incredibly easy for me.
    I was quite fickle as a youngster. My walls were covered by lots of boys!
    Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Shroder, The Coreys, Wham!- specifically George Michael, and of course New Kids on the Block once completely covered my room. Flipping between Donnie, Joe and Jon depending on my mood. ;)

    Now? Oh man. I LOVE Christopher Gorham. He played Henry the accountant & love interest of Ugly Betty. He was also the lead on the summer thriller series "Harper's Island." He is now on a show (I'm literally watching now) called "Covert Affairs." He has the charming boy next door looks and a body that could rival Carl Edwards. Whew!

    A very long term celebrity crush is Robert Sean Leonard. He was in Dead Poet's Society & Swing Kids. Most recently he has played Dr. James Wilson on House. EVERY TIME he comes on the screen for the first time an episode I say, "He's soooo cute!" I'm sure my husband has stopped watching because of it. he too has the charming boyish looks, even as he gets older. Cute, cute, cute!

  4. easy Selena Gomez plus we got the same birthdate so that has to be fate!

  5. As a kid it was definitely Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Also had a thing for Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop.

  6. I've never not had a crush on someone. It started with older men: Davy Jones, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and always and forever Bruce Sprinsteen. Then it was men my own age: George Clooney (still), Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise, a bit of Tom Hanks. Now I've moved on to cradle-robbing: my favorite eye candy is Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and a whole lotta The Jeff.

  7. diane lane and keri green. diane lane was in the cheezy racing movie, six pack, with kenny rogers, and i watched that movie at least a million times because of her! keri green was the readheaded girl in both lucas and the goonies. i also remember liking stacy keanan from the tv show, my two dads.
    fun question!

  8. Is Buck Fever considered a celebrity? I guess in our world he is! lol!