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This much talent usually doesn’t land in just one person, but don’t tell that to Prolifik, because it will be one more thing he’ll have to prove you wrong! No worries, Prolifik is used to it. He’s trying to make a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop, a white rapper from Connecticut trying to go mainstream by breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. But a name he’s making, respect he’s earning, and working hard he is doing! Meet Prolifik.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut to an Albanian family, Prolifik’s childhood was transitory, following his mother and her love life from middle class comfort in the suburbs to hard living in the city. Prolifik internalized these extreme experiences and has been able to utilize them for his music creating a powerful sound and lyric that is universal in appeal; raw, gritty, and authentic. Prolifik explains his passionate work ethic by stating, “Nothing can motivate a person like having money and living a comfortable life and then being stripped of that. You had a taste of that for a minute, of middle class living, being comfortable, it gives you incentive like no other to strive to get that again or even more than that. That’s kinda where the motivation comes from.” When I posed the question whether Prolifik’s strong work ethic came from his Albanian roots or from his intrinsic nature he admits Albanian-Americans he’s in contact with showcase a tireless work ethic, owning businesses and working hard, but, “I think that’s anybody coming to the US, they’re coming here to make a new life and they’re going to work hard to get it/ I don’t think that’s only Albanians. But I do think that’s part of what I grew up with. I enjoy what I do and I think that is part of the process.” Working from the time he was a very young man, “not legal to work yet, but still working nonetheless”, Prolifik embarked on a path that would take him to where he is today.

A natural performer, Prolifik was drawn to the stage and the creative arts. He explored his talents, and, by the end of his high school career, was honing his craft by emceeing in the surrounding areas, building a fan base and a following. He knew that a career in Rap was an ideal way to showcase his writing talents and he was determined to make his dream come to fruition. No stranger to hard work, Prolifik set out to make himself marketable and increase his skill set. A short stint in college led to better opportunities at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Prolifik completed the program and, upon graduating, took an internship with Clear Channel of Hartford, Connecticut. That opened up a job for Prolifik as a night DJ on WKSS/Kiss 95.7.

Intrigued by his upbringing and his influences in music, I asked Prolific what he listened to growing up. He supplied, “I’ve been exposed to everything, from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, Billy Joel to Hootie and the Blowfish. Good music is good music so I’m not opposed to anything.” Wondering if Prolifik had aspirations to leave his native Connecticut for bigger markets, he responded, “That’s the goal; not only do I love the New York City, I think it is a very inspirational city just from how it’s structured to the stuff inside the City. The opportunities are endless, especially for the field I’m in, it’s the Mecca of entertainment, there’s no other place to be.”

Prolifik’s music is interesting and catchy; the singles that have launched show a funny, vulnerable side to the artist that showcases only a fraction of the man/performer he is. “The message I have and the things I talk about are much deeper than the first offerings. I’m not just that (“Drunk Dialing”). I touch on everything because Life is everything. You’re never just happy, you’re never just sad.” He continued by explaining, “I think people don’t use Rap to its full potential. I think Rap is a genre where we are able to get a message out better than any other genre of music. Just because the structure of it, the way it’s set up. We have so many lyrics in our songs you are able to get our point across better than any other genre of music.” With passion Prolifik continued, “ I’m a writer, and I love English I love the power of words and I think Rap embodies that the most out of everything, it’s just people just don’t use it to its full power and its full capability. That’s why I appreciate it as much as I do, because it’s poetry.” I questioned Prolifik on why other genres of music have an easier time capturing an audience than Rap/Hip Hop does and he conjectured, “The edge that Rock and genres along those lines have over Hip Hop is it’s much easier to stir up an emotion; you can pull emotions out very easily b/c you have instruments and you can create a certain vibe a lot easier, even if the lyrics don’t necessarily match the emotion the instruments are stirring up, that’s where Rock has a little bit easier of a time.” Experiencing Prolifik’s music and vivid lyrics prove that he is able to stir up emotions among his countless fans.

I was curious to understand how Prolifik wielded his career in the path he forged, from intern to Disc Jockey, and now to traffic reporter on the local Fox affiliate in Connecticut. “People never really understand what I am set out to do when I initially start doing it.” Prolific explained. “You have to understand nothing is beneath you and you don’t start out on the top of anything, that’s absurd to think. I interned, I got hired in promotions which still wasn’t what I wanted to do, but all these cliché’s are true, once your foot is in the door, the opportunities are endless so I was able to bounce around. So long story short, I was able to get into programming getting my own show, through that we were affiliated with Fox in Connecticut and I was able to get my foot in over there… doing traffic, it looks great on the resume and may lead to other television opportunities.”

Wondering what his ultimate career goals are I asked Prolifik to elaborate. “I love anything in the entertainment field. When I was little I was the kid in plays and stuff like that. I enjoy all aspects of it. Music is and probably will always be number one and my passion. As far as venturing out, that’s what I’m all about, that’s what the business has come to now. I wouldn’t be surprised, and other people shouldn’t be, if in a couple of years I’m on one of these networks like MTV or Fuse or something like that.”

Curious to know his creative process, I asked Prolifik if he wrote all of his own music. With a laugh he replied, “I know my boundaries. Lyrics are definitely where I’m the strongest. So I write all my verses and I usually end up writing all the choruses if a singer is being featured on the track I’ll write that for them as well. The production of the actual beat I work with different producers. I have a closely-knit crew I work with; I’m not really bouncing around from producer to producer. I like working with people I have a bond with over just somebody who has a hot product but I don’t know on a personal level.” And that’s just another way Prolifik keeps it real.

Prolifik is constantly giving back to the community. He is first and foremost developing himself into a humanitarian and a philanthropist. I asked Prolifik if it was difficult maintaining his sense of self and refraining from obscene language in his songs to which he gave a beautiful response, “I’m always doing so many things with kids and charities and things like that I just, I don’t know, I embody that whole being a role model thing, and plus I don’t really need to swear in my songs, if it calls for it, I won’t shy away from it but there are only few moments where I really need a swear word to emphasize what I’m talking about and I scoff at people who say ‘I’m not a role model, I’m just an artist I’m just doing my art’ well then, don’t put it out there because you’re a fool to think/ that’s just part of the job. Even writing you have the power to change somebody’s life; if you have the power to change somebody outside of your music, in your extracurricular activities. Why wouldn’t you want to do that as well? I accept it and enjoy that responsibility.” It’s easy to see why Prolifik commands such respect at a young age.

Finally I inquired about the contest Prolifik was engaged through They sponsor annually lists the Top 45 DJs voted on through their site and awards $500 for the number one spot. Prolifik is vying for that number one slot, but, unlike many who would blow that money in a night of celebration, he plans to donate the money to Food Share, a program in his native Connecticut and other places across the country. Prolifik said he has a “long-standing relationship” with them. He summed up his desire to win the money by stating, “Not only would up be good for me exposure-wise, but I could take the money and do something good with it.” With logic like that, personality plus, and talent to boot, Prolifik is unstoppable!

To find out how to vote for Prolifik and propel him to the number one slot of the Top 45 Radio DJ Contest, please follow the link below:

Prolifik left me by insisting my readers knew this about he and his music, “I’m making music that really hits home with people. It’s almost so personal it’s universal. I would be honestly surprised somewhere on this next album you didn’t find at least one line that really made you say, ‘Oh crap that was me!’ I actually strive to write that way. I want people to know the kind of care I put into the music. There is a lot of love and nurturing put into it.” Curious as to the type of tracks he’s working on, Prolifik excitedly rattled off, “Hard tracks that makes you want to go out and take a boxing class, others that get you choked up a little bit, and still others that get you ready to go out to the club. There are all different sounds for all different people.”

Prolifik has lived hard and fast in his young life. He has an unstoppable work ethic, a generosity of spirit unparalleled by his peers, and the talent to forge a name for himself no matter where his career takes him. Prolifik will not be kept down, pigeonholed or held back by social stigmas; he’ll be doing his thing long after others give up. Find out more about this incredibly talented, hard-working young man by checking out the following sites:

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