Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome in to the Friday Music Blog at Chief 187 Chatter. This is a favorite post of mine and near to my heart as it has been with me the longest. It airs in different forms on three different sites with three original and different topics each week. As much as I adore writing anything and everything on my mind, I get a huge kick out of ending the week with a FMB to learn about new music, old favorites, and forgotten gems.

This week’s topic is songs containing the word “Sweet” in the title. After my family’s return from Hersheypark I’ve had Hershey on the brain with each post from Tuesday on mentioning Hershey in some way. It seemed only logical, thus, to cap the week with a Friday Music Blog highlighting the “Sweet” songs. Please remember to include the artist’s name and/or the artist who made the version you prefer. Full participation is always requested and appreciated.

I encourage you all to return regularly to this blog throughout the day/weekend as I do to see what is added to the list. In addition, please make an effort to return on Saturday for a special posting of an article I wrote about musician Quentin Fielding. He is a major talent, an empirically gorgeous man, and one of the genuinely nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I wrote about our interview on this week’s Simple Joys and am pleased to share the article that followed our talk. His music, should you be interested, is available on Amazon. If (when) you decide to purchase it, kindly use my Amazon link on the sideboard or at to access Amazon and make the transaction. It helps keep me afloat and I truly appreciate the support. This holds true for any and all purchases you make on Amazon; simply enter through my link and make the purchase and I get a tiny bit in return without if costing you anything extra. Thank you!!


  1. Sweet Baby James,James Taylor
    Sweet Bird,Herbie Hancock
    Sweet Caroline,Neil Diamond
    Sweet Child O' Mine,Guns N' Roses
    Sweet Emotion,Aerosmith
    Sweet Home Alabama,Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Sweet Home Chicago,The Blues Brothers
    Sweet Jane,Lou Reed
    Sweet Leaf,Black Sabbath
    Sweet Pain,Blues Traveler
    Sweet Seasons,Carole King
    Sweet Talkin' Woman,Electric Light Orchestra
    Sweet Thing,Van Morrison
    Sweet World Of Angels [Live],Violent Femmes
    Sweetest Thing,U2
    The Sweetheart Tree [Vocal],Henry Mancini

  2. Racer, give us a chance, will ya? :-)

    "Your Sweet Voice" - Matthew Sweet (appropriate enough!)
    "Sweet Song" - Blur
    "Sweet Exorcist" and "Love's Sweet Sensation"- Curtis Mayfield

    Of course there is the band Sweet.

  3. Sweet Baby James- James Taylor
    Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)- Eurythmics

    honorable mention:
    Sugar, Sugar- Archies