Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. As summer dawns it is the perfect time to explore the idea of a summer romance, fling or tryst. If you are single it is an ideal season to engage in this type of a relationship. If you are married, engaged, betrothed, or pinned, you can still do the same with your mate! It’s all about the attitude and the decision to simply enjoy, give into the passion, and seize every opportunity that comes for unbridled desire.

This week’s focus is songs whose titles contain the word “Want”. List any and all songs that have “Want” in the title. Be sure to include the artist.

I “want” and feel compelled to thank you all, once again, for lifting me and this site up. We’ve had a record number of hits this week, broken records for all-time pageviews on a number of articles, and continue to grow daily! I am so constantly amazed that what I do, write about my life and interests, share my opinions, hopes, and dreams, and sometimes just pontificate on issues I feel strongly, resonates with so many of you. This past week, on Monday, marked the ninth month of the existence of this site and its two hundredth blog. In that short time you have embraced me and my work and have consistently provide me an audience for my posts. Our next milestone at Chief 187 Chatter is in sight; our 15,000th pageview will happen sometime in the next few days. Without advertising, giveaways, or gimmicks, you have made Chief 187 Chatter a part of your daily routine and I will be eternally grateful for your loyalty and support.

Looking forward to reading your responses to this steamy topic for the Friday Music Blog, songs that contain the word “Want”. I invite you back to Chief 187 Chatter throughout the weekend to keep up with this blog and check out previously published blogs using the archive feature. I then encourage you to return on Monday for a whole new week of posts.

Lastly, Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads who come here looking to be entertained, I honor you and want you to know how vitally important I know your roles to be in the lives of your children! Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad, my terrific Dad-in-law, my awesome brother, my dear friends who are Dads, and, to my darling husband who is the best example of dedicated, engrossed, supportive, and loving fatherhood I can pinpoint in my world! I love you, Honey!


  1. All I Really Want - Alanis Morissette
    Everybody Wants Some! - Van Halen
    How Bad Do You Want It - Don Henley
    Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen
    Wanted - Vanessa Carlton
    Want You Bad - The Offspring

  2. Cheating a bit but it's a cracking song to sing a long to and has 'Want' in the chorus

    (All I want is to be) Next to You by The Police still lovin' it more that thirty years after I first heard it -

  3. Great selections, fellas, but I think we're missing some obvious ones! What say you all?!

  4. Everything She Wants- Wham!
    Whataya Want From Me- Adam Lambert
    I Want to Know What Love Is-
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper
    Don't You Want Me- Human League
    I Want You Back- Jackson 5
    Don't You Want Me- Jody Watley
    Any Way You Want It- Journey
    I Want Her- Keith Sweat
    I Want You Back- *NSync
    Everybody Wants to Rule The World- Tears for Fears

  5. Great additions, Jules, as always! Foreigner did "I Want to Know What Love Is".

    How about "I Want You to Want Me" Cheap Trick?! I was surprised this hadn't come up yet!!

    What else can we come up with this week?

  6. I had that in my brain and forgot! It was the background music to's Hot Dog Wars video. :)

  7. Wanted, Dead Or Alive... Bon Jovi
    Do You Want To Dance?... Beach Boys
    I Just Want To Celebrate... Rare Earth
    I Want To Hold Your Hand &
    I Want To Be Your Man... The Beatles
    I Want A New Drug... Huey Lewis & The News
    I Want You... Bob Dylan
    You Can't Always Get What You Want.... Rolling Stones
    I Want To Dance With Somebody... Whitney Houston