Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome back in to the Friday Music Blog at Chief 187 Chatter. After doing this genre of blog for years at this and other sites, it does become difficult to not repeat and continually come up with fresh, new, and original topics. As I’ve written before, I welcome suggestions and topic ideas. One of my loyal readers passed the following topic on to me recently. Thank you for the super idea, Vroom Vroom!

This week’s topic is a question: What is your most recent music purchase? It can be an album, song, downloads, CD, vinyl, or whatever else you came home. No fibbing, this is true confession time! Goofy answers get bonus points! Please be sure to list the artist who performs the music in question. I look forward to reading the diverse selections we’ll undoubtedly collect from all of you! Please remember to check back frequently to see what’s been added to the FMB posts, and continue to add any new music you pick up throughout the weekend!

Please join me over the weekend to see what’s been happening on the site. We’ve set records the last several weeks with pageviews. New personalities are being discussed, great causes showcased, and my life shared with all of you. Monday we start a whole new week so I hope you can make Chief 187 Chatter a part of your daily routine. Thank you, as always, for your support!


  1. "Freddy's Dead" by the one and only Curtis Mayfield.

    "Dress looks nice on you" by Sufjan Stevens.
    And I didn't really buy this one, but the latest release by Nick Riff is pretty good to mellow out to. Tribal psychadelic electro trance" is probably the best description.

  2. I just bought a bunch of stuff for my walk!

    Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
    In da Club- 50 Cent
    DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love- Usher
    Fighter- Christina Aguilera
    Fantasy- Earth, Wind & Fire
    Bouce, Rock, Skate, Roll- Vaughan Mason & Crew

  3. Most recent album purchase (April) is:
    "Paper Airplane" -Alison Kraus and Union Station

    Most recent rip (May) from an album belonging to my son is:
    "Genuine Negro Jig" -Carolina Chocolate Drops

  4. You asked for my last download, this is it...
    Martin Mull... NEAR PERFECT/ PERFECT
    This Comedy Album contains such greats as
    Bun And Run... A song about a fast food restaurant
    Don't Put Off 'Til Tomorrow.... a song that is half finished
    Pig In A Blanket
    This Takes The Cake... Remembering the worst places they have played
    The Fruit Song... A trucker who is searching for fruit
    Bernie Don't Disco...
    Life Is Better Than Death...
    It is a little off beat... Parts are ADULT ONLY, but you will be smiling as you sing along with the second verse

  5. My latest was Harry Chapin, Sniper and other love songs. I DLd it at the suggestion of my nextdoor neighbor at work. Very disturbing album. Not my favorite Harry Chapin, that's for sure!

  6. This is from Vroom Vroom, who's having trouble signing in:

    Rolling In The Deep- Adele
    You Can Leave Your Hat On- Joe Cocker
    Love and Happiness- Al Green
    Listening Wind- Peter Gabriel
    25 Miles- Edwin Starr
    Going To A Go Go- Smokey Robinson
    Ain't That Peculiar- Marvin Gaye
    Mercy Mercy Me- Marvin Gaye
    Move On Up- Curtis Mayfield
    Try Too Hard- Dave Clark Five
    Inspector Morse Theme- Barrington Pheloung
    Comptine d'un autre ete- Yann Tiersen
    Thinking Of You- Laurie Anderson