Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tantalizing Thursday

Thursday is one of my favorite days because it butts up to the weekend and gives us all hope that there is light at the end of the workweek tunnel. My mood is elevated, my hopes are lifted, and the expanse that is weekend is laid out for me to see and anticipate. I particularly enjoy the unhurried pace of the weekend when more homey dinners can be prepared, friends have time to break bread with you, or “traditional” meals are replaced by fun noshes that break the monotony of weekday life. Tantalizing Thursday has offered both main meals and the fun foods. This week’s will focus on bringing fast food favorites into the home kitchen offering a satisfying fix with healthier and more reasonable benefits.

Not so much recipes but tips that mimic the kids (and your) must-have fast food staples.

Fan of Ronald’s Big Burger Special Sauce? Open a bottle of Thousand Island Salad Dressing. Not gourmet enough? Mix mayonnaise, ketchup, and dill pickle relish until desired thickness/taste. Serve on your favorite sized burger and bun. Add shredded lettuce to make the burger more authentic.

Craving French Fries?
Prepare frozen French fries according to package directions. Season with salt, garlic salt, seasoned salt, or taco seasoning to give them life once they are hot!

Enjoy Kentucky-Style Chicken for frying?

Coating Mix

3 cups self-rising flour
2 (1-serving) envelopes instant tomato soup mix
2 (1 ½ ounce) pkgs. Italian salad dressing mix
1 teaspoon salt

Combine all ingredients in a plastic bag; shake to mix. Use as needed.

6 chicken pieces
½ cup Coating Mix
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Rinse chicken pieces with cold water.
Coat with Kentucky-Style Coating Mix. Coat twice for crispy chicken.
Place in baking pan. Bake for 1 hour or until tender. Brush with mixture of oil and water several times during baking.

Serve with mashed potatoes, gravy, coleslaw, and biscuits!

Super Thick Shake your passion?

4 scoops of your favorite ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry work great)
2 tablespoons chocolate or strawberry syrup
¼ cup milk

Blend on high until desired consistency (thick, creamy). Have straws with wide openings on hand and tall frosty glasses in which to serve these luscious shakes.

Fast food can be done easily at home with ingredients you typically have on hand. It’s a nice break from ‘regular fare’ and still more economical and healthier than eating out.

I hope you enjoy these tips! Let me know what your results were like!

Join me tomorrow for the Friday Music Blog when we rock our way into the weekend!


  1. The other night we had "Build-Your-Own-Burrito" night. A favorite in our house.

    The "ultimate" burrito (my husband's) includes:
    Slightly warmed tortilla
    Refried beans
    Taco seasoned meat
    Spanish rice
    Shredded mild cheddar
    Shredded monterrey jack

    Wrapped VERY carefully as to not break the tortilla...

    Topped with:
    Sour Cream
    Sliced Olives

    Obviously to be eaten with a knife and fork! :)

    The kids and I have a variation of all those ingredients... the olives being the most popular.

    I always recommend heating the tortilla in the microwave for about 12 seconds for burrito sized tortillas.


  2. Buy Boerwurst 4 per person.

    Stick them under the grill and serve with boiled new potatoes broad beans and broccoli, finger lickin' good.