Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Monday is here heralding the return of the Monday Movie Blog. If you are like me you are told by friends and family about movies you should rent, can’t miss, and are crazy for not having seen yet. I try to keep a notebook, scrap of paper, or napkin available for times when these movie titles are unsolicitedly heaped on me, but I invariably end up losing that “master list”. By creating this resource on Chief 187 Chatter, I am organizing all movie suggestions into one convenient location. To access it my friends, family, and you kind readers, need only come here to these Monday Movie Blogs that create an undeniably valuable resource of the best movies in alphabetical order.

This week the Monday Movie Blog is up to letter “N”. Please list any and all of your favorite movies that begin with the letter “N”. Include the stars who appear and a small synopsis or review. The more information given, the better the resource becomes.

I urge you to check back to this blog throughout the day and any of the Monday Movie Blogs for when you are stymied about which movie to rent/watch. Using the search feature at the top right-hand corner of this page, simply type in “Monday Music Blog” and the blogs should be available in one easy glance.

I invite you all to join me tomorrow for Simple Joys. By far the most moving, up lifting, and enjoyable of my week of blogging topics, Simple Joys is garnering a following all of its own. Read mine, create your own, share them all, and revel in all that is good in the world.


  1. Night at the Museum
    National Treasure

  2. Nanny McPhee is the one you need! I liked the original better, because of its cleverness, but the sequel is also cute.

    Night at the Museum 1 & 2- I liked the 2nd one because I thought the Jonas Brothers were cute as the cherubs and I LOVED that I got to see my favorite piece of sculpture dance & move (yes, it brought the tissues out). My only issue is that I had to keep telling my kids to stop calling people "Dumb Dumb."

    Notebook- Unfortunately, I figured it out soon into the movie, but what a story! Whew!

    North By Northwest- Hello! Cary Grant & Hitchcock... iconic classic.

    Nine Months- Cute romantic comedy with Hugh Grant & Juliette Lewis. And a surprise minor roll from Robin Williams

    No Way Out- Kevin Costner and a limo. Great movie as well. Suspenseful. Unfortunately, NOT a fan of Sean Young.

    9 1/2 Weeks- Who our age hasn't seen this steamy movie?

    Now & Then- All star cast including Demi Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Christina Ricci, Rita Wilson. Four childhood friends gather together to prepare for the birth of one of the character's baby. While together, they reminisce about when they were kids in 1970. It has been a long time since I saw this one, but I remember enjoying it.

  3. I agree with North By Northwest. Hitchcock teams up Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint in a case of mistaken identity. A Classic.
    P.S. ... Watch for the kid in the cafeteria who covers his ears before the gun shot sounds.
    Norma Rae... Sally Field. A woman fights to better working conditions by organizing workers to bring a Union to a textile factory.
    Nobody's Fool... Paul Newman, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, and Jessica Tandy. A likeable crusty old man gets a second chance to bond with his son and grandson.
    Nothing In Common... Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleason, Eva Marie Saint. A young man gains a new appreciation for his parents when they split after 35 years.