Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome back in to the Friday Music Blog! Like the Monday Movie Blog, this feature has two purposes; to entertain and to create a resource of the best music we collectively enjoy from every genre imaginable. I urge and encourage you, whether you have ever replied to one of my blogs here at Chief 187 Chatter or not, to think of your favorite music selections to this week’s topic and post them as a comment below!

Today’s focus for the Friday Music Blog is songs that were ahead of their time, misunderstood by the society and thus under appreciated for their greatness. Completely subjective, any song can be argued as long as you leave those arguments. Mozart and his “too many notes”, The Beatles, Frank Zappa? You list the artist and his/her work and give a small ‘case’ for why their music was not received correctly because they were more advanced than their audience. Educate us on these acts that were so revolutionary, talented, and sidestepped because they didn’t fit the mainstream.

I want to thank the influx of readers who have been joining me this past week. It is a pleasure to see the numbers swell. I welcome each and every one of you who takes a moment of your day to check in with Chief 187 Chatter. I would write this for me alone, as I’ve often stated, but having a readership, especially as kind and supportive as you all, makes this experience all the more joyful.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, a Happy April Fool’s Day, a warmer month ahead, and more chances to interact here at this site. I’ll look forward, as always, to reading your responses to this prompt, and invite you to check back throughout the weekend to this blog or any of the blogs you may have missed this week or in the past. I then remind you to join me back here on Monday to begin a whole new week at Chief 187 Chatter! Cheers!

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