Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stay the Course

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, if is difficult to do the next right thing. There are temptations, diversions, and procrastination techniques that threaten to derail our goals. Whether weight loss, organization, or self-improvement of any kind, it is a daily or even hourly challenge to keep on the right track. We tend to fall victim to our regular patterns of behavior; the very ones we are trying to change. It can become a vicious cycle that leaves us tired, worn out, and, at times, hopeless. But with a renewed vigor, a strong sense of self, and a dedication to betterment, change can occur.

Over the years I have tried to improve myself. Some things stuck, many didn’t. But not until I decided to finally make myself a priority in my own life did the changes actually stick and evolution began. As with any metamorphous, change takes time, but the changes do occur and that leads to more incentive to stay the course. Taking time for oneself, however, is a hugely difficult thing to do, especially if you have a family. All else and everyone else seem to find a spot higher on the list than you. But if you are not fulfilled, healthy, or revered, then nobody else will be. I’ve tried to be a martyr; I failed. It did nobody in the family any good, I was miserable and that led to a miserable family life. By honoring myself, my needs, my health, and my aspirations I’ve been able to bring my best self forward to my family and to myself.

For me evolution began when I decided to exercise in the morning before other time pulls harkened. I wake early (something my husband taught me) and try to start my day working out, and then I write. These things do not always happen daily; too many times exercise has been put by the wayside so I can keep up with my burgeoning career, but I can feel my mood deteriorate if I neglect myself. What is different nowadays is I am conscious of the need to continue exercising, even if I’ve had a day or several off, so I can continue to improve. My writing is also a priority. I now write in dedicated times so I can keep up with the newer demands on my professional times. I am unwilling, at this point, to give up any of my writing commitments or my radio gigs. I will simply utilize my time in ever more efficient ways to keep up with everything. There are times I feel overwhelmed, but not by my career! I just want to make sure I continue to strike a balance between my family/home life and my work life. Fortunately I have a supportive family behind me!

I don’t have answers nor am I the best to offer advice. I just wanted to offer one woman’s perspective on the difficulties of self-improvement and the possibilities that abound when one dedicates themself to betterment. If you are struggling in your goals, try to stay the course. With time change will come. You’re worth it!