Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog at Chief 187 Chatter. This week’s focus is about the songs you know by heart. The songs that, whether you love them or not, received so much airtime in their heyday (and beyond) that you can’t help but know all of the lyrics. These songs are probably decent or even great songs, but because they are overplayed they are not sought out much (by you) anymore, but when you hear them you cannot stop singing the song’s lyrics verbatim. Unlike last week’s topic, these songs are not the ones that have you leaving the room, changing the station, or gagging, but mindlessly humming, singing, and pantomiming the video you recall accompanying the hit.

Please list the song and the artist who made the selection famous. This topic is purely subjective and begs individual answers that fit; there are no right or wrong posts. The more responses the more entertaining this blog becomes. Feel free to leave your choices whether you’ve been answering them every week from the beginning of Chief 187 Chatter (Racer, Jules, and Art) or you are relatively new (Katy) or you just stumbled upon this blog today. Remember to tune back into this blog throughout the weekend and over the days/weeks to come as new entries appear all of the time!

I want to welcome and thank the influx of new readers and the interest of all of the Chief 187 Chatter readers of late. It appears new life has come to this little blog and infuses it with a burst of energy! If you like what you read, tell friends, recommend it to those you feel would benefit from what goes on in these pages. There are original postings five days a week every week at this site. I urge you to return each day to see what is happening here. Please follow me on Twitter; I am @Chief187s.

Looking forward to reading the responses to this Friday Music Blog topic and to meeting you all back here again as we embark on another new week of topics on Chief 187 Chatter.


  1. Although atypical, I'm going first!

    "Every Breath You Take" The Police
    "Piano Man" Billy Joel
    "Missing You" John Waite
    "Born to Run" Bruce Springsteen

    No hate responses, I don't hate these songs, but they were in heavy rotation when I was growing up. What songs fit the bill for this topic for you?

  2. I was never much of a radio listener. I always gravitated to albums, which were played over and over and over again in their entirety. Some of the collections that have been imprinted permanently on my grey matter?:

    Billy Joel's entire body of work
    Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
    Eagles Greatest Hits, Vol 1 & Vol 2
    Musical Soundtracks: Grease, Les Mis, Aida, Rent

    There are many more, but these are the biggies.

  3. Let's see... I know most of my (and my old band's) songs by heart becasue, well...

    But more to your objective -songs that I know by heart because I couldn't avoid them.

    "Stairway to Heaven" - I haven't actively sought out that song in so long but I know the damn thing. Probably same could be said for "free bird".

    "Roxanne" by the Police seems to fit the bill.
    Most of the Who catalog does as well, and it slightly irks me that those songs are used for the "CSI" series.
    "Do you Feel" by Peter Frampton. It's cliche, I know, but as a kid groing up in the '70's - '80's, who *didn't* have that album?

    And Kiss, again, who didn't?

  4. I have a lot of songs "engrained in my DNA."

    Careless Whisper- Wham!
    Shameless- Garth Brooks

    are two of my favorites.

    I can't think of any right now. Been studying for a test, so my brain is fried.

    May I reserve the right to return and add on later?! :)

  5. Of course, Jules, ALWAYS! Good luck on the test(s) and return whenever you'd like; you're always welcome here :-)

  6. Nearly 20 years ago I learnt how to sneer Digsy's Dinner on the street corner :-

    And I once new this off by heart.... after I translated badly using a dictionary in Italian ! :-

  7. Art, I hadn't heard the first, but it was fun! I do love the second. Thanks so much for stopping by - you know it means a lot to me.

    Thank you all --> Racer, Jules, JD, Art.

  8. I was employed in the photo industry from 1974 to 1982. It was just me and a radio in a darkroom (at whatever volume I chose) so I know the words to most of the "Who, Stones, Grateful Dead, Blind Faith, Clapton, Alman Bros. and all the Southern Rock Bands," just to name a few.
    The one that I am 'Amazed' that I still remember is
    American Pie... Don McLean. Long song but I remember ever word as I sing along.
    Freebird... Lynyrd Skynyrd My brother's nickname was "Bird" and this was the first song I heard after saying 'goodbye' to him in the hospital. The next song was Elton Johns "Funeral For A Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding"