Monday, October 18, 2010

The Reunion Part II

Reunion day began as early as my week days (4:00am) as I was far too excited to sleep. Prior to the reunion itself I was hosting at my home a pre-reunion reunion get together with five of my childhood friends and whichever family members were able to join; I was expecting 18 people by 11:00a. Anticipation, excitement, and a complete lack of trepidation on my part yielded a feeling of Christmas Eve angst and joy. What would they look like? Would we still be friends? Will our children get along? Will it feel awkward? Will I want to kick them out at our imposed 1:00p deadline or will I want the luncheon to go on endlessly?
The appointed time came and my friends began to appear one by one. The faces of these women had not changed considerably from nearly a quarter century ago. They were much more attractive now having found an inner confidence, acquired knowledge of what worked for them, and a subtle maturity that enhanced their features. The children were adorable and became fast friends with my brood as children are like to do.
A potluck invitation yielded a mountain of tasty, varied, and perfectly-sized tea sandwiches (thanks, Jill), two delicious side salads (thanks, Dina), a plethora of chip choices and two yummy dips (my doing), fruit salad (thanks, Holly), a sinful homemade-from-scratch chocolate banana tart (thanks Karen), and delectable homemade-from-scratch chocolate cupcakes with white icing (thanks, Kate). Adults and children alike were overjoyed with the food offerings as well as the space to hang out, talk, and play indoors and out. The weather, although autumnal in its ferocious wind gusts, swirling leaves, and chilly temperature, allowed for fun on the swing set and playing in the downed leaves.
Dina brought old pictures from sixth grade through high school and we all gathered around to look at the relics. We scoffed at our mother's wardrobe choices for us, roared at our hairstyles, and marveled at the odd wisdom we wrote in a middle school yearbook. I worshipped Duran Duran and their hit "The Reflex"; I wanted Dina to remember them "always".
But beyond the reminiscing we found that our present lives were equally as interesting to each other. From career choices, sports team worship, and child rearing, there was never a lull in conversation. Laughter sprinkled most conversations and we found that we still could fall easily into relaxed friendships. And although I was the one who hadn't seen everyone the longest, I was just as much a part of the group as those women who were still in constant contact. I belonged. And these beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, and lovely women even tried to help me with my nagging decision - what dress to wear to the reunion, the black one or the red one? Everyone weighed in with their opinion and I appreciated it so much as I had been canvasing friends (thank you Jules, Arch, and Dave) since the night before. These women from my past were truly still the friends in my heart.
The get-together was supposed to end at 1:00pm affording me time to clean up, rest, prepare for my daughter's first sitter, and dress for the night's event. But I couldn't stand to see these friends leave so we extended our affair until sometime after 3:00pm! There was still ample time to get all that needed doing...except resting. But the main celebration was on the horizon and I was still too revved up to sleep.
The first part of Reunion Day was a rousing success! Those who I cared most about seeing I had the privilege to entertain in my home in a relaxed setting. We could talk, reminisce, and laugh without music blaring. We had the luxury of comfortable clothes and hours before us to truly bond. With the first reunion behind me I felt anything else I would experience at the actual formal reunion would be 'gravy'.
I dressed, instructed the babysitter (thanks, Stephanie), and whisked out the door with my handsome husband, Class of 1987. The next adventure was about to begin!

Tune in tomorrow to read "The Reunion Part III" complete with pictures.


  1. Excellent blog my friend! Can't wait to see Part deux!

  2. Glad you had a great time Chief, my Mum just got back from her 50th Anniversary School Reunion in Germany :-)

  3. I can't thank you and your family enough for being wonderful hosts. This was a fantastic idea and great way to reconnect in person. Well done!!

  4. Glad you had a good time with your old friends. That pre-reunion reunion sounds like it was a great idea.

  5. Thanks Candi for hosting! I had a blast, and it was so good to see you. I love this post, excepting the phrase "nearly a quarter century" and the word "relics". ;-) Karen