Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Sell me on your current five favorite songs. These songs may be old-time favorites, a mix of contemporary and classic hits, or any combination as long as they are your musical passion right now. The music can come from any genre and you can like the piece for any reason, but TELL the reasons you'd pick these five songs. Really convince me that these songs are awesome and I'd be a fool not to check them out! The music blog is only as successful as those who participate make it. Do not worry if you are not a "writer", just write what you feel! Spelling and grammar do not count on the Friday Music Blog! So please leave your response below to what your current five favorite songs are.


  1. Bruce Hornsby - Harbor Lights
    Spyrogyra - Opus d'Opus
    Alanis Morrisette - All I Really Want
    Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
    Kid Rock - Rock n Roll Jesus

  2. Oh, how I love FMB! ;)Between this and Friday's that Randy & the Professor show up on Rowdy... it is a good Rowdy day.

    Let's get to it!

    1. If It Kills Me(From the Casa Nova Sessions)- Jason Mraz
    My number one played song on my iPod right now.
    This song is just flat sexy to me. It has this sexy, smooth, groovy, vibe to it that I absolutely love. The story is pretty fantastic too. It is about a guy and his best friend. He REALLY loves her and wants to tell her, but is afraid to because he doesn't want to ruin their friendship. I first heard it on So You Think You Can Dance and the piece was choreographed by my favorite dancer of all time on the show. Beautifully, I might add. I immediately purchased it on iTunes and it has been #1 ever since.

    2. Gravity- Sarah Bareilles
    Another song that I heard on SYTYCD, loved how it was choreographed and bought it. The dance piece was about addiction, and the song is haunting. I'm a sucker for a key change, and this one has a good one. IMHO. The song is just really good and again tells a story.

    3. Baby Now I- Dan Reed Network
    Heavy, loud song that you can hear in the movie "The Cutting Edge". Complete opposite from "Gravity". :) I have always loved the song and this is one that definitely wakes me up when I'm dragging. It is a TON of fun when the minivan is empty and I can BLARE it! So fun!

    4. Gives You Hell- All-American Rejects
    Ok, strange place to find a favorite song, but it happened. I found this song playing the fun iPod app "Tap Tap Revenge". Fun, upbeat song that tells the story of a guy who has been scorned and sings about it. Another one I like to crank up and sing to when no one else is in the car. (i crank it up so i don't have to hear myself sing). LOL!

    5. Ruby Blue- Roisin Murphy
    This song is classified as electronic on iTunes. Not my usual genre, but I have two of this artist's songs and love them both. Another song I heard on SYTYCD. It just gets my toes tapping. I couldn't tell you the lyrics, I know there are some, but I just fall into the groove. The other song is called "Ramalama" and is also high on my most played songs.

    If I had more room, I'd add "Whaddya Want From Me"- Adam Lambert, "I'd Die Without You"- P.M. Dawn, "I Got A Feeling"- Black Eyed Peas and "Big Bang Theory Theme"- Barenaked Ladies. ;)

    So Chief, what are YOURS?

  3. Dire Straits - "Why Worry"
    (why? = Just listen to it!) It's soothing. Great guitar and other instrumentation - classic Dire Straits. For me this piece is very "visual."

    James Whitbourn - "Hodie"
    This is a Christmas song and one of many Hodies by various composers. This one is simple and powerful. The cathedral organ score is just plain wild.

    James Taylor - "Something In the Way She Moves"
    We've talked about this before on Rowdy.

    Percy Grainger - "Lord Melbourne" from "Lincolnshire Posy"
    Classic concert band tune. The composition is a rich and complex abstraction based upon a folk song. A few years ago, a band director told me that there are books written about how to conduct Lincolnshire Posy, with the main emphasis on conducting Lord Melbourne. Ryan may know this piece, and I suspect that he appreciates it if he does, and would appreciate it if he doesn't already know it.

    "Down in Yon Forest" - particularly Joan Baez version
    This is a Renaissance era English Christmas carol. The tune is moves right along. By standards of more contemporary carols (say, of the last 200 years) the tune and lyrics are unusual. Each short verse contains the line "The bells of Paradise I heard them ring:" and concludes with "And I love my Lord Jesus above anything."

  4. Great posts so far, thanks everyone!
    Jules, I rarely post mine anymore, but today I will since you inquired :-)

    "Poker Face" (I think that's the name) the Lady Gaga tune that Glee covered with Idina Menzel and Lea Michelle. I simply can't get it out of my head. I love the way their voices collide, harmonize, and swell. ADDICTED!

    "Blinded By the Light" Manfred Mann Band
    This is a mainstay on my favorites list. I think I have this on my iPod 3 times! It just puts me in a good mood and I don't get tired of it.

    "Ordinary People" John Legend
    It makes me feel like the marital bumps I run in to are normal and definitely "doable" - we're able to keep going because we love each other.

    "Leave It" Yes
    It has a very theatrical feel and the musicality turns my senses on completely.

    "Sometimes When We Touch" Dan Hill
    Yes it's cheesy, over-played (in the past AND on my iPod) and at times annoying, but I simply cannot get enough of it. I love the line "I'm just another writer..."

    My runner-ups are
    Diana Ross' "Touch Me in the Morning" - makes me cry, I can't help it!

    Neil Diamond's "America" - gets my patriotic heart pounding!

    Neil Diamond's "Hello" - makes me think of Ryan and how I'm usually the one not communicating and he IS!

    Black-Eyed Peas "I've Got a Feeling" - totally makes me want to dance...and go out!

    Queen's "Princes of the Universe" - rockin' song

    Fame's "Body Electric" - it's a teacher thing.

    Styx's "Come Sail Away" - this has a long history in my family, from Ryan and me duetting to Gregory serenading his sister Rosemilee (on video on FB and Rowdy).

    I know there's more...I'll probably post again!

  5. Have you ever heard Neil Diamond's "The Story of My Life"? Sooooo wonderful! It is my favorite of Neil Diamond's.

  6. How you guys come up with 5 in a flash is beyond me.

    "Jersey Girl" live in NJ by Bruce. It's the ONLY time I wish I were from NJ.

    "With a Little Help From My Friends" Joe Cocker

    "All You Said" Sea Stories

    "Down to Zero" Joan Armatrading

    "Old Man's Song" Tom Rush

  7. Dang... five? Only five?...

    "Reach for the Sky" by Social Distortion. But I wrote about that one last week. Yeah, Social D is a punk band but this isn't really a "punk" song. It's more of a damn good rock-n-roll song. Great message the way rock was meant to be played - stripped down and full of energy.

    "Dress looks nice on you" by Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan has made some really great music from a folk-ish influence but with more variation. This is a pretty bare-bones arrangement with guitar, banjo and several layers of voices in the chorus. He almost whispers the song. Simple melody but it says with you.

    "Cinder and Smoke" by Iron and Wine. Another folky, almost whispered lyrics. The arrangement here is more traditional. He tells of a house burning down, but there's hints that there is more wrong in this picture.

    "Speak in tongues" by Black-Eyed Dog. Yep, another I wrote about last week. It's a simple rock song really but how many rock songs have lyrics like
    "If I could take away
    the tears in your eyes
    Give what strength you need
    You know I'd give you mine"
    In the past year this song just nails me every time. (

    I guess lastly "Kim the Waitress" by Material Issue. Great, great pop song - check it out here:
    "No one can save us
    From Kim the Waitress"
    I mean, what's not to like?

    There's too many others - Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy made some fatastic music, showing you can fuse intelligence into energetic Hip Hop. (Like "The Language of Violence" and "Television, the drug of a Nation"). Eric Clapton had some greats with "Badge", "Let it Rain", and on and on. The Police's first album was WAY better than the rest of the stuff, some good tunes. Too many good bands, too many good genres, too much other stuff... see you get me talking music and my cup runneth over!

  8. In no particular order...
    "All That You Dream" Little Feat ( Hoy Hoy) Live version with Linda Ronstadt on vocals
    "Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad" Live version Derick and the Dominos Live
    "Minutes to Memories" John Mellencamp Scarecrow
    " Coyote" Joni Mitchell The Last Waltz Movie and Album
    "Jack Straw" Grateful Dead

  9. All That You Dream... Linda Ronstadt shows she can rock with the best of them with her 4 octave range. Her vocals make a great song even better.
    Why Does Love... Mix Claptons songwriting ability with his great guitar work, throw in Dwain Allman, add a great band with high energy levels produced in this Live setting, go right into "Got To Get Better In A Little While" and it adds up to 'The Best Album Side Ever Made'
    Minutes To Memories... A great story told by a great story teller.
    Coyote... A great story about being on the road
    Jack Straw... Europe 72. I couldn't leave The Grateful Dead out of MY top 5