Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Welcome back to the weekly installment of the Friday Music Blog. I've had great success over the years with this series and am thrilled to be running it here at this site.

Today's focus is your favorite power ballad. These are the songs that traditionally hard rockin', metal, or any kind of rock band played that had a "softer side". The songs usually had a lovely melody and some kind of guitar licks in the middle. The 1980s were particularly ripe with these types of songs, although they certainly were not the only decade.  Each generation has created these drippy, saccharin sweet, and musically powerful ballads. Dig through your music collection, think back to your high school homecoming dance and the tunes that were playing for that slow dance, and list all that come to mind. What a fun way to springboard into this gorgeous Autumn weekend.

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Thank you in advance for all of your selections. Total participation makes this blog so much fun so please get to typing!


  1. This is the first one that came to mind though I am not sure it is a power ballad in the full sense of the word but it's a damn good song to listen to anytime anyway :-

  2. Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi was the Theme for the Senior prom I attended as a freshman, but that isn't my favorite. The blog subject just brought that to mind. LOL!

    I don't know if my favorite classifies as a power ballad. They had a lot of hair ;) but only two hits. My favorite holds a VERY special place in my heart, is still played on my iPod, immediately puts a smile on my face and a wistful look in my eye:

    More Than Words- Extreme

    I think I might go listen to it now.

  3. Stairway to Heaven for dancing. Imagine for sheer power.

  4. Wonderful Tonight ... Eric Clapton

  5. How about my wedding song?
    Promises... Eric Clapton
    PS These are the jokes :-)

  6. "The Night is Still Young" Billy Joel

    "Beginnings" Chicago

    Jules, did you listen to "More Than Words"? It's on my iPod, too!

  7. Oh yes, I listened. TWICE! LOL!

  8. hrmph. Power Ballad... girlie men with sky-high hair and animal print tights.


    Everyone knows lycra should be single color, maybe two.

    I guess here's one "genre" where I don't have a big fav... sorry.

    I guess the beginning of "Sorrow" by Bad Religion would count. Still a damn good song.

  9. IRIS by Goo Goo Dolls, especially having seen the movie and knowing what it means...."City of Angels".

    And I gotta give a nod to Stairway to Heaven, esp. the long musical part in the middle and then it breaks in to "and as I wind on down the road".....