Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Today's topic requests your all-time cringe-worthy bubblegum pop songs. These are the songs that make teen sensations famous instantly and/or are formulaic and syrupy sweet but have an undeniable beat and catch that make you tap your foot and sing along. Each generation can claim numerous bubblegum pop hits and, like them or lump them, those types of songs are here to stay. So leave your selections of the teeny bopper, sickly sweet, danceable tunes below.

Thank you to all of my readers, commenters, lurkers, and friends who continuously support my efforts here. The end of seven weeks of daily blogs have left me invigorated and motivated to continue this odyssey. I hope you will all stay along for the ride! My goal for the upcoming weeks is to get more audience involvement in the form of interactive blogs like this one. Your ideas, opinions, and stories matter to me, too. I will continue to write from the heart, candidly, and appreciate you all who come back each day to read my ramblings.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend, a very Happy Halloween, a Happy, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband who I love passionately, and a invitation to return here on Monday to start the week with me.

Chief 187

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  1. "Puppy Love" Donny Osmond
    "Bye Bye Bye" N'Sync
    "ABC" Jackson 5
    I'm guessing anything and everything by Justin Bieber (who?)

  2. Everything early New Kids on the Block,New Edition, Debbie Gibson, and Tiffany. I think I can safely add early Brittany Spears and X-tina as well.

    "Mmm Bop" by Hanson

  3. Hi Chief!
    This is cruel and unusual punishment! Here are two of the most revolting teenybopper songs of all time. Am I being judgmental? Sorry...
    1. "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"- Ohio Express
    2. "Simple Simon"- 1910 Fruitgum Company
    That's all I can take. Now the voices are in my head. Make it stop! Arrgh! Have to go listen to early Stones now, it's the only cure!

  4. Hi Vroom Vroom, thanks for the comments! Do I know you?
    I hope The Stones returned you to your Happy Place! ;-)

  5. MMMMMMMM Bop. Ahhhhh I love and hate that song.

    What about Every Little Step by Bobby Brown?

  6. Anything on the Grease Album and don't even mention Grease 2 !

  7. @Art: Grease...and Grease 2 (I couldn't resist!)

    I adore Grease; it is a HUGE part of my childhood!

    Grease 2 sucked, but I do like a few numbers b/c I was the teeny bopper it was aimed at back then. C'est la vie!

    @Grumpa, Monster Mash would NOT qualify (for me). It falls into the novelty genre for Halloween songs.

    @Tyler, I have a similar relationship with "Mmmm Bop" yet it is on my iPod and my boys adore it b/c they think it is from a video game called Game Party!
    I don't "do" Bobby Brown.

    Thanks for playing everybody.
    No takers on the topic "the Soundtrack of your life"? C'mon, I want to see those lists by Sunday night! I'll post mine, too.

  8. Definitely Debbie Gibson & Wham's Wake Me Up...

  9. @Art:

    "I could flirt with all the guys
    smile at them and bat my eyes
    press against them when we dance
    make them think they stand a chance
    then refuse to see it through
    that's the worst thing I could Do-oo"

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Chief claims I deliver that song better than the movie.

  10. Yes, yes Kristine, I completely agree! Debbie Gibson is classic Bubblegum Pop and Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" defines the era I was a teeny bopper! That's back when I didn't know what gay was and I thought George Michael was HOT and straight. I was 1/2 right. Great stuff! Thanks for participating!

  11. @Art and Racer, yes, yes, Racer is the MASTER! He also sings "We Go Together" verbatim and in perfect time. One of the myriad reasons I married him. :-D Grease IS the word!

  12. is the word is the word that you heard it's got groove it's got meanin...

  13. We got the BEat - Go Gos... they are surely bubblegun pop! (ps.. can you post a pic of that Christmas photo from the 90's when you put the tree up in October? I'd like to see that and some other oldie but goodies!)

  14. lolly pop, I'm thinking Dell computers now.

  15. I can't believe I didn't remember "Wake Me Up"! I <3 Wham! (and subsequently George Michael). They had prime spot on my teen wall.

    No Bobby Brown?!!? Really!? I had the tape & played it frequently.

  16. Rubber Ball - Bobby Vee - 1962ish
    all of Bobby Vee's songs I guess.
    Geez, I just realized how much older than you all I am!
    And now Steve & I are singing songs of the 60s along w/iTunes and acting like goofy kids.

    But I only had a limited interest in this type of music. Folk songs were my favorites. Still are-