Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gift Giver

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I used social media – Facebook and Twitter – to informally poll my readership yesterday about whether today’s post should be another Gift Guide or a topic on which I “wax poetic”. Many people “Like”d the posts, but only a few people answered.

The resounding response was to nix the Gift Guide and just let me write free-flow. This surprised me at first as my Gift Guides from the last two weeks had gotten the most views of each week. It seemed people were hungry for or at least curious about my suggestions.

But the responders to my poll stated they were gifted out. Too much emphasis had been placed on gifts and not on anything else this season.

This is difficult for me to process. Of course I understand the frustration one would feel with the ever-expanding gift list, children and adults who no longer write thank you notes, and a culture that emphasizes gifts equating love.

On the other hand, I express love through gifts. There are many ways people express love but this is one of my primary ways. It’s not about the expense for me – I am a huge bargain shopper who shops year-round – but the feeling I get when I give to those I love. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and I am always trying to think what I could give to honor the person.

I do fully understand that material things do not translate to love. Centuries have unfolded, however, with a mythic being known in America as Santa Claus. In other cultures he is known by numerous other names and also has delivered gifts this time of year. Gifting at Christmas is nearly as old as Christmas itself. In the case of the Three Wise Men, it is as old as the first Christmas!

Gifting, when done “right”, is a truly selfless act. It is not a demand for reciprocation but a gesture of kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity.

I delight in not only gifting to my children and helping Santa make their wishes come true, but also for my friends and family.

Yes, the economy makes it difficult. But with creativity, a shop-year-round plan, and a sharp eye allows me to “spoil” all of those on my gift list.

Christmas is about family, faith, food, decorations, music, and, yes, gifts.

Remember when Ebenezer Scrooge finally has an epiphany about Christmas in A Christmas Carol, he immediately goes shopping!

Whether you make gifts, shop for them, or offer your services as a gift, gifting is a very vital part of the holidays.

For those who were hoping for another Gift Guide, don’t worry, there will be more this season. And, if you simply cannot wait, you can check the archives here at Chief 187™Chatter for past years’ ones.

For those who voted for me “waxing poetic”, I hope you enjoyed my reasons for delighting in gift giving.

Please join me tomorrow for a Christmas-themed Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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  1. Clearly even though written some time ago it's still true today and everyday! I love Christmas and enjoy gifting ! It's important part of the sason. Well worth the read!