Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Guide for You

Welcome to the Gift Guide for You on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief

We are in the final stretch as Christmas is less than a week away. Some are still scrambling to finish their Christmas gift lists while others have yet to begin.

In light of recent events coupled with the stresses this time of year can bring for many, I thought posting a Gift Guide for You would be appropriate. And by “You” I mean me. Feel free to partake if it sounds pleasant.

First I am gifting myself a “mulligan” button to be used as many times as humanly possible over the holidays. In golf mulligan means a shot that doesn’t count in unofficial play, a “do-over” of sorts. I’m taking this idea and using it for when my day goes the wrong direction. I’m going to allow myself a reset button so I can start the day over again, as many times as necessary, to salvage it and enjoy.

The next gift is selective hearing which my husband is certain I have anyway. But this selective hearing will be used to not hear criticism. I picture the “ideal Christmas” for my family in my mind for the entire year. No matter that beast does not exist as nothing is perfect, but I still work myself up to that notion. When I hear “suggestions” from my loved ones on how I can clean this better, prepare that more tastefully, or the like I typically fall to pieces inwardly. This year I will only hear the positive that comes out and not fixate on the perceived negative.

Another gift I am giving myself is the patience to get through the holidays. With so many family members milling around, I cannot expect things to happen in my timetable. I wait all year to celebrate these few precious days with my extended family; I don’t want to squander them because I could not let go and just let time be.

My presence is a gift I will give myself this year. All too often fun events unfold while I am cooking, picking up, or planning the next situation. This time I’ll let the dinner hold for an extra few minutes, leave the wrapping paper in the family room, and be more present in the middle of the action.

And the last gift I want to give myself is realization. I want to be acutely aware that the things that frustrate me are the blessings I have. I know how so very blessed I am to have both of my parents living, healthy, and spry who traveled hundreds of miles by car to be with me and my family. I know I am equally blessed my husband’s parents did the same. My children’s grandparents came to share in this most special of holidays, again.

I know that having my brother and my niece in my home is a bonus. He now lives out-of-state due to divorce a few years back, but we are able to still share our Christmas and our children (cousins) delight in one another’s company.

And I am achingly aware that even if (when) my children misbehave this Christmas; throw a tantrum because they are hungry, or over-tired, or over-stimulated and I start to get frustrated, I am overwhelmingly blessed that they are here - pink, warm, breathing, and full of potential for a long, happy future ahead.

I don’t take any of the above for granted.

My gifts to myself are not just for this year’s Christmas celebration, but gifts I can give myself throughout the New Year as well.

Feel free to share this Gift Guide for You with anybody you feel would benefit. I know I already have - me.

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