Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

There are many ways Simple Joys slip into my day elevating my mood, changing the direction of my day, and keeping a smile on my face.

There were times in the past that I could not see beyond my problems, stresses, and dilemmas in my life. I could become overwhelmed easily and not find my way out of the corners I would paint myself into crazily. The holiday season was a particularly difficult time to navigate.

Now when things go south, I lose my way, and the insanity in my life takes over, I keep my eyes open for the Simple Joys that are lurking around the corner.

As silly as it may sound, as simplistic as it is, concentrating on all the goods in my day - the Simple Joys - helps me keep a positive attitude, believe in the good, and get through the detours life throws my way.

Best part? Simple Joys are available for the enjoying by all. People simply need to open their heart and mind to the existence of Simple Joys and they can be consistently enjoyed.

And now, without further ado, is this week's Simple Joys.

2012 Finale. Last week my team and I on the Drafting the Circuits radio program gave our last LIVE broadcast of 2012. When I promoted the show like I do weekly, I had a lovely outpouring of responses. At the end of a very long season, navigating uncharted waters in my life, I was weary and still unsure of the impact of the show.

Having the warm and encouraging feedback, a great show, and a good feeling for next season was a relief of a Simple Joy that still has me smiling.

Santa Bowling. My family celebrates St. Nicholas Day. On the night of December 5th my entire family leaves one pair of their shoes out for St. Nicholas to fill. On the morning of December 6th we all rush to see what was left. Usually a foil-wrapped chocolate Santa is there along with some seasonal toys and gifts - Santa-themed wind-up toys, puzzles, and the like. This year St. Nicholas left my children an inexpensive miniature bowling game - tiny pins and a bowling ball the size of a large marble. I'll be darned if that toy hasn't provided hours of enjoyment for my little ones.

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day and seeing the simplest toys bring such huge contentment, joy, and enthusiasm to my children is an annual Simple Joy.

"Frosty the Snowman". This year my daughter has gotten totally into Christmas. She adores the ornaments on the tree, looking for decorated houses at night in the car, and listening to Christmas music. She even enjoys when I dress her in Christmas attire.

Her favorite animated special is Frosty the Snowman. She has watched it several times this season. In the car, when the radio is on the station that plays only Christmas music, she is thrilled when "Frosty the Snowman" plays.

Recently she's begun singing the words without a prompt. She belts out the lyrics (accurately) in her enthusiastic three-year-old loud and expressive way.

Seeing my child embrace my love for the sounds of the holiday with reckless abandon is a Simple Joy that warms my heart completely.

Sugar cookies. Last week I began making Christmas cookies in earnest. All three of my children were able to "assist" me which is really them trying to eat raw dough, freshly baked (re: blazing hot) cookies, and helping to decorate (frosting and sprinkles directly into the mouth sans cookies).

This all day chore should produce picture-perfect, magazine-ready cookies, but they do not. No matter the way my cookies look, they are the most beautiful to me because my junior cookie makers make this once odious task a huge Simple Joy for the holidays.

Santa. Over the weekend I had an opportunity to take my children to see Santa. It is always a crap shoot to take three children of varying ages to sit on Santa's lap and expect relaxed faces, calm yet excited demeanor, and a gorgeous picture as an end result.

All of the stars must have aligned perfectly on Saturday because my kids all approached Santa enthusiastically, smiled beautifully for the picture, and formulated their thoughts to tell Santa only one thing they wanted for Christmas.

Having such a positive experience with Santa for all of my children was a Simple Joy that I have evidence existed and am much appreciative.

My niece. Once again I was fortunate to spend quality time with my niece this past weekend. She is a joy to be around, a fine young woman, and just plain fun!

Having opportunity to hang out with my niece for an extended period of time is a Simple Joy I cherish!

Simple Joys come in all shapes, forms, and identities. I extract great joy from the gum I chew, watching Glee, - both current and old seasons - my lipstick that stays on, and the way my husband feels when he kisses me.

Bad moments no longer hijack my day. I still have them, but I am able to let them go far quicker knowing Simple Joys are waiting to be had.

The best part is, Simple Joys are there for you, too.

When life is on overload, keep your mind open to the possibilities of Simple Joys. The joke on Facebook, a call from your best friend, or your favorite ice cream beckoning can all add up to moments of Simple Joys that change your perspective from bad to good.

It truly is that simple.

Wishing you all a week filled with Simple Joys.

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic on yet another topic on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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