Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

No matter the climate, the atmosphere, the conditions, or the situation, I have Simple Joys to soothe me.

That is a strong statement for me. There have been times in my life that I had lost faith, was on the verge of giving up, and hopelessly baffled. Somehow I got through.

Now when my world begins to go topsy-turvy I hold on tightly and concentrate on the Simple Joys, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, to pull me through.

By allowing one to believe in Simple Joys they spring to life. They are as tiny as a compliment, a hearty laugh, a favorite song, or a tasty beverage and as monumental as a new baby, a fabulous date, or a much-needed vacation.

What is vital is remembering that no matter what you are going through, Simple Joys still exist, are accessible, and can see you through all times – good, difficult, and impossible.

And now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Mallomars. These cookies that resemble S’mores are a regional favorite in the northeast. Typically they are nearly $4 a box at the grocery store so that is where they stay.

But every September my grocery store discounts them to $1.49 a box (no sales tax on food in NJ) so I stock up on them.

My children adore these cookies and a common refrain when they return from school is, “May I have some Mallomars, pleeeeeeeeease?”

I usually answer yes. We are nearing the end of our supplies, but I still am enjoying the delight in my children’s chocolate-covered faces when they get to indulge in one of their favorite store-bought treats.

Having Mallomars in the house is a delicious Simple Joy.

Interview. Last week I was granted an interview with NASCAR Hall of Famer Glen Wood of the famed Wood Brothers Racing. The man is 87 years old and was not feeling well, he admitted, when we started our conversation.

Once I asked the first question Mr. Wood was off and talking animatedly about the topic at hand. I asked several questions and Mr. Wood was excited, engaged, and sounded like a man forty years his junior.

It always excites me to interview another person for an article and Mr. Wood was no exception. Meeting a true legend and getting to guide the discussion through my questions was a Simple Joy that makes me embrace and love my job.

Anticipation. Sometimes waiting for something wonderful to happen is nearly as much fun as it happening.

My husband has agreed to take off a couple of days in November to be with the children and me during their school break. It is so much fun counting off the days and planning how we might spend them.

In addition, my husband and I, in an effort to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in January, are taking a trip that month – alone.

Just visualizing the adventure is a pure Simple Joy whenever I need to get away from it all.

Leaves. “Frankenstorm” – Hurricane Sandy – is threatening my area so my husband was determined to remove the leaves off of our overgrown lawn and mow. Before he finished the entire job he made a leaf mound for our children (and me!) to jump in and frolic.

When the children (and I) saw the pile they (and I) ran outside and jumped with reckless abandon, giggling all the way. The leaf pile was the site of jumping, rolling, and throwing of leaves, but also a setting for my children to conjure up great stories of adventure.

It was such a fun spot that when my husband announced he was ready to clear them up so he could finally finish the arduous job, the boys (and I) cried!

Finding such rapturous delight in autumn’s bounty is a Simple Joy worth experiencing annually if not more frequently!

Kissing. Getting kisses from my children is sweet. Sharing kisses with friends I greet is great. But kissing my husband is at the very top of my Simple Joys list. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Simple Joys need not take money, time, or effort. All that is needed for Simple Joys is an open mind and heart to accept them.

Taking time to think about the Simple Joys you have encountered each week is a great exercise that allows Simple Joys to be more evident.

Take it from me, life is constantly improving and my perspective positive and pleasant when I count my Simple Joys.

Wishing you all a week chock full of Simple Joys.

Please join me tomorrow, Halloween Day, as I wish my husband a very Happy Birthday, and I wax poetic on yet another topic on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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