Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love: Part X

Welcome to Love: Part X on the Freestyle Wednesday edition of Chief 187™Chatter.

Each month of 2012 I have dedicated one post to “Love”. For me it is a chance to explore and celebrate the many types of love found in music, movies, and books.

This month I am expanding the perimeters by including television programs as well.

I am a diehard romantic, addicted to love, and profoundly moved by love stories.

These are my selections, but I would enjoy reading yours so feel free to leave your list after mine.

Love: Part X


“Diamonds and Pearls” Prince – I remember liking this song when it was introduced. I was fascinated by the lyrics as I am a jewelry fanatic. But, obviously, the song is about offering one’s love as the most precious thing. Prince is a genius and this song still sounds fresh and timeless.

“Time Will Reveal” DeBarge – This song came out when I was a pre-teen and I adored it. As an adult I made sure to buy it. The music is good, not great, but the lyrics, once again, resonate strongly with me. It’s the people in the relationship that are most important, not the trappings of a material world.

“Express Yourself” Madonna – A love song of sorts that is empowering and more about self-love. Madonna always seemed to speak to me in respect to demanding the best for myself. In line with the other songs, this one teaches not to let material things be mistaken for love. Powerful.


The Cosby Show – Clair and Cliff Huxtable were a role model for married love raising children. Through firmness, humor, and love they made it through every crisis, argument, and situation imaginable in the show’s eight seasons. And they did it all the while having the hots for each other. Their love has served as a great testament to marriage and has helped me remember humor is the only way to get through some things.

Family Ties – Elyse and Stephen Keaton were another married couple who showed a great version of marriage. Whereas I understood that these were fictitious characters they were written with true-life characteristics, flaws, and passion.

Grey’s Anatomy – As far-fetched as the show becomes I am still drawn to Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd’s love story. It’s not a relationship I neither identify nor covet, but the chemistry these two share keeps me tuning in to see how their love story plays out.

And, as a special for this month…

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Sally’s crush on Linus is so strong she gives away her one night to trick-or-treat to be with him. She hangs on his every word, compliments him, and sacrifices something she loves to be in his presence. I can identify with that strongly.

There is love of all kinds that interest and fascinate me. This month was heavily focused on love not being a materialistic emotion with marital love in the spotlight.

Each month has featured a different theme, a range of love, and the media to support those examples.

As Simple Joys does weekly, the monthly "Love" posts gives a thumb's up to the emotion I, well, love the best.

Cheers to LOVE!

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