Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

There’s not much to understand when it comes to Simple Joys. If it makes you feel good, spreads happiness throughout you – no matter how long it lasts – and helps you get through the day, you have experienced a Simple Joy.

What I do here is list the most impactful and memorable Simple Joys from my week. Obviously they are personal, but what others have gleaned from reading my Simple Joys is that concentrating on theirs makes life more fun.

By writing down or even just thinking about one’s Simple Joys daily, life takes on a wholly different perspective – a positive one that permeates one’s life. Get you some – Simple Joys are there for the taking!

And now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Flu shots. My children had their annual flu shots last week. For most children knowing they are getting a shot creates a feeling of trepidation. For my oldest it also includes a feeling of terror. In years past I’ve had to “restrain” my child as he was projecting some horrible pain associated with the quick procedure.

This year I gave the mother of all pep talks to all three of my children. I explained things sternly, firmly, and, I hope, lovingly that this was a necessity that would literally hurt for a second and protect them all season long.

To my utter surprise and delight all three took their shots effortlessly with little to no drama. They are perfectly fine a week later.

Having a visit to the pediatrician’s office with no histrionics from any of my children is a huge Simple Joy I hope to repeat often in the future.

Hugs. My daughter is nearly three years old. She is my third and final child. We have been, at times, at odds with one another in ways that I thought only happened between teenage girls and their mothers.

But, all of a sudden last week my daughter started to morph in front of my eyes. She is beginning to appreciate me and identify with me more and more.

Now when she hugs me she throws herself into my arms and tries to squeeze the stuffing out of me! I can’t lie; it is a Simple Joy to the nth degree and one I hope to continue to experience for a lifetime.

"Pennies". So this little girl of mine and I spend all kinds of time together which is truly a blessing. Her favorite game of late is having me empty her enormous piggy bank that wears a pink tutu and filling it back up again. She carefully, steadfastly, and with reckless abandon (do those things work in conjunction with one another?) puts her coins in the belly of the pig through the slot at the top. As soon as the last coin goes in she demands from me, “Again! Again!”

Last week we must have played the game five times in one night! “Pennies” as she calls it, gives us time to just hang out, concentrate on her favorite pastime, and enjoy one another. The true essence of Simple Joys.

Den Meeting. My oldest boy is in his last few months of Cub Scouts before he crosses over into the Boy Scouts. This past weekend he and his den mates created a light bulb from a few scant items. They worked well listening to directions and setting up their equipment. When the time came to light their bulb they became very excited when their experiment worked! They did it several times with different scenarios and learned a ton from the process.

I was filled with good feelings of Simple Joys that these young men were truly learning while having fun.

Hike. My younger boy is also in Cub Scouts. His den met the following day for a hike in a local state park. It was so fun to watch the little boys interact, sing, laugh, and enjoy one another while the parents hung out, laughed, and enjoyed each other as well.

The hike was a perfect length for the young boys and provided tons of “oohs, ahhs, and neat-o’s” from both the boys and the parents. It was a fun day by all accounts that provided even more Simple Joys to add to this week’s list.

What you don’t see in this post are the numerous times when frustration, sadness, stress, and “poopiness” get in the way of my Simple Joys. I prefer to concentrate on the good rather than the rest.

My point is, like you, I go through that every week. But, with Simple Joys to focus, I need not succumb to the negativity surrounding me. I prefer to concentrate on the positive in my life.

The thing is, even when it seems hopeless, if you open your heart and mind to Simple Joys they will find you. And, once you’ve experienced a Simple Joy you are far more likely to experience more – and more often!

Eventually Simple Joys will start happening all of the time and you will be creating them as well.

Wishing you another week filled with Simple Joys!

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic on yet another topic on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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