Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite Beverage/Libation

It is Spring Break this week for my children and husband. We are spending an inordinate amount of time together. That’s a wonderful thing, truly it is, but it can be a bit taxing. What? I can’t lie to you!

Since everyone is home we are going through drinks at a mad pace – we all love water

first and foremost, but from milk to juice and soda to wine, we are running the gamut on all kinds of liquid refreshments.

This leads me to an informal poll for my readers. What is your favorite libation? Are you partial to your favorite beer, a soft drink that you’ve come accustomed, or a hot beverage?

Do you drink certain favorites at different times of the day? Do you save certain beverages for vacations or weekends? When you have a special occasion, do you have a

special beverage you splurge?

Lastly, for you NASCAR fans, do you chose a beverage based on your favorite driver’s sponsor?

If you, too, are celebrating Spring Break with your loved ones, I hope this piece finds you well, gives you a chuckle, and provides a moment of entertainment. If you are not on Spring Break, I hope this piece served a very tiny respite from your normal routine.

Either way, I look forward to your responses!

Please join me tomorrow for a Texas-sized and delicious offering on Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter!


  1. Coffee in the morning, tea (British style, with milk) in the afternoon. Then for celebrating: a Schmooze if I'm driving (usually), and a Long John Silver if I'm not (rarely).

  2. I don't remember "Spring Break", it's been that long! Haha!! Hope you all are enjoying the time together. My favorite bevvy: unsweetened iced tea that I add a little sugar to myself. I also like water w lime, fresh lemonade and fresh fruit juices. Occasionally I will drink soda, and even more rarely, alcohol- a sweet white wine like riesling or moscato, or a mojito!

  3. My fave? Coke Zero. Followed closely by water.

  4. I begin every morning with a Starbuck's Mocha Frappuccino in a glass jar.

    The rest of the day is usually milk or a flavored water.

    I treat myself to a Starbuck's Chai Frappuccino with Matcha powder no whip on occasion (once or twice a month).

    My "vacation" drink, if I can find it: Vanilla Coke

    If I have alcohol, which is 1 a year or less, Bailey's & Kahlua or a Midori Sour.

    Restaurant drink: Sweet tea no lemon. ;)

  5. Water Rooibos Tea and ginger beer, my favourate brand was made in South Africa called Ting a Ling :-)

  6. Water or almond milk are my staples, but once in a while I enjoy Vernor's, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, or some flavored water.

  7. Coffee starts my day. Then it is Mt. Dew for the rest of the day, usually about 64 oz. or so. Water with dinner and a can of Dew at bedtime.

  8. As you may know, I drink a lot of coffee. But I am a coffee snob of sorts - yes, I grind my beans in the morning just before brewing and if it's just me I'll use a French Press. Coffee is black, thank you. I buy beans from a variety of places but my current favorite is SilverBridge (

    Water. I drink a lot of that. I've also been getting into the meal replacement/protein shakes a lot lately. Not sure if it's doing me much good as I've not lost a lot of weight. So it goes. Very rarely do I drink soda anymore but if I do it's usually a Ginger Beer, or one of the stronger Ginger Ales.

    As for alcohol, I am a bit of a beer snob, too. I like a wide variety, depending on time of year, meal, and all that good stuff. Don't drink a lot and a 6-pack may last me 3 or 4 weeks.

  9. Coffee (home ground Eight O'Clock French Roast or Bokar; ±6 cups per day)
    Beer (great variety; no one favorite)
    Red Wine (whatever is both on sale and tolerable to drink)