Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

Holidays can present the best of Simple Joys or a trying time that requires Simple Joys to rescue one.

Whatever you rely on Simple Joys, try to create, find, and revel in them so holidays and every day can be strung together with wonderful memories of Simple Joys.

T-ball practice. My middle child started his first season of T-ball last week with our town’s Little League program. He was so excited, filled with anticipation and rarin’ to go. The boy was quick to assemble his newly acquired equipment including glove, batter’s helmet, and cleats, and giggled when I instructed him to wear his athletic supporter or “cup”.

The child’s experience eclipsed his expectations and I have a thrilled T-ball player in the house. Watching my son’s eyes, seeing him become part of a team, and hearing him chatter how much fun T-ball is on the ride home from the field are all Simple Joys I hope to experience the entire season long.

Little League Practice – Minors. My oldest son never wanted to join team sports. He’s been a Karate student since Kindergarten and a swimmer since he was three. Each year I’d ask if he’d like to join soccer or basketball or anything when the forms came home from school and each time I was met with the same adamant, “No!”

Then, last summer while playing a leisurely game of “baseball” with plastic bats, a small yard, and the neighbor children, my son decided he’d love to try out for Little League. Something had clicked with the boy coordination-wise and he was able to hit and throw better than he ever had.

His passion to join never wavered at summer’s end, nor through the fall and winter. We signed him up (and little brother as the previous section revealed) and the boy had his first practice last week.

Although it was obvious my son has much to learn about the game, techniques, and more, he was fully present for his first evening practice. Attentive, active, trying hard, and listening to instruction, my son was fully participating. When he returned to the car I asked him if he were happy on his team. “YES!” he nearly squealed. I was truly never happier for him because he had finally found a team sport that gave him great pleasure while working him hard. Seeing my son so blissful is a Simple Joy I’ve waited for a long time and one that I would like to continue to experience for the rest of my lifetime.

Bubbles and Digging. My little girl gets taken here, there, and everywhere. To keep herself occupied when her brothers were at their respective T-ball/Baseball practices, my daughter got creative. First she cajoled her oldest brother to blow bubbles I had provided so she could chase them. Watching her I found myself a wee bit envious that something so simple could provide so much joy. But then I realized how much joy they were providing me and I smiled from the inside out.

When her oldest brother was at practice at a different field, we spectated on a gravel walkway where bleachers were located. The area butted up to a wooded area and on the seam between the two my daughter found a mound of dirt and a stick. She started digging with focus and so contentedly that even though she was getting dirty, I cared not. Watching my daughter enjoy herself with such reckless abandon and at the same time with such focus is a Simple Joy I hope will continue to expand as she ages.

Family. I couldn’t be with my family of origin for Easter. But I was lucky to be with my husband’s parents. Since he and I have been a couple for twenty-five years, these special people are like second parents to me. We always have a great time when we are together and I so enjoy watching them interact with our children. Being with family for Easter and having a grand time is a Simple Joy I never tire.

Cadbury Crème Eggs. I was talking via Twitter to my good friend Mark last week about Cadbury Crème Eggs. I relayed the story that when I was a young child I did not like eggs prepared any way. These confections debuted during my childhood and my mother bought some to try. I had seen the commercials and the “goo” inside looked like

“real” egg yolk. I told my mother no thank you. A year or two later she finally convinced me to just try the Cadbury Crème Egg. I did begrudgingly… and loved it! From that point on Cadbury Crème Eggs were equated with Easter for me. To this day receiving one from the Easter Bunny is a special Simple Joy I experience year after year!

I hope you all had a joyful and fun-filled holiday weekend. I am so very thankful you all tune in here for Simple Joys at Chief 187™Chatter. You all are a big part of my Simple Joys.

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