Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Favorite Disney-Pixar Movie

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

Last week I introduced the topic of favorite Disney films (non-Pixar) because I didn’t want the more modern movies to overshadow Disney’s long history of enjoyable fare.

The post was very popular and garnered a lot of responses here and on Facebook where I promote my work and others share it.

Still, some people, perhaps unknowingly perhaps not, chose Disney-Pixar movies as their favorites.

The ultimate plan on my end was to do Favorite Disney-Pixar Movies this week as a prompt. And so I am!

Toy Story was the first of the full-length Disney-Pixar films in 1995 and Brave, out in theaters this spring (2012), is the latest.

What do you like about Disney-Pixar movies versus other animated films? Did a child force the movie into your life or would you have sought the movie out on your own sans children?

I am looking forward to reading your favorite Disney-Pixar movies. There are only 13 movies to choose from currently so I suspect we’ll see a lot of the same titles, but which ones?!

Please join me tomorrow for the ever-popular Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Cars is the greatest movie ever made... If you're going hard enough left... you're gonna find yourself turning right...

  2. For me hands down is "Finding Nemo." I'm totally smitten with Crush. When we went to DisneyWorld one of my MUST DOS was "Turtle Talk with Crush." I was like one of the little ones sitting on the floor in my giddiness and awe of him.

    A close second and holds special meaning to me is "Monsters Inc." When my daughter was little, we would put her dark hair into pigtails and one of her older brother's t-shirts. She looked like Boo. While I'm not big on nicknames... she has a shortened version of her given name and her other is Boo. :)

    I also love Toy Story, however I refuse to ever watch Toy Story 3 again, tear jerker to the inth degree!

    Cars was beautifully done and getting familiar NASCAR voices was bonus.

  3. OH! As for the Pixar Shorts... I love Bounding!

  4. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.