Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

My family and I just returned from a magical trip to Disney World. It is my policy to not write about material things that are very expensive in Simple Joys because they aren’t particularly simple. In this case, I’m breaking my own rules a little bit because the joys my family and I experienced deserved to be shared.

Family vacations can be stressful and wonderful all mixed together. This one was not exception, but, I can tell you this unequivocal by, having a relationship with Simple Joys made this the best vacation I’ve ever been on in my life!

Spat-free Vacation. My husband and I are professional fighters. Not boxers or mixed martial artists, but the kind of fighters that husbands and wives become when they engage in marital spats periodically.

We excel at this type of activity especially when packing, driving to the airport, when over-tired, surrounded by our less-than-cherubic children, in-laws/parents, assorted tourists, and, well, each other.

But something miraculous and wonderful happened this vacation. We didn’t fight. We didn’t banter. We didn’t spat. We simply got along really well. Like we really like each other. Like we’re still passionately in love with one another. And, like we truly respect one another. It was bliss.

Taking a family vacation and not having one single spat was a Simple Joy I had not experienced in twenty-five years, but one I could definitely get used to easily.

LegoLand. My children are Lego fanatics, all three of them. I can’t lie to you, I am, too. I’ve written about Legos since Chief 187™Chatter began because they offer endless opportunities for Simple Joys.

Our trip to Disney World also included a few side trips one of which was to LegoLand Florida. This was a decent amusement park, certainly not on par with Disney, but a fun place nonetheless. What provided the most awe for all of us was the meticulous detail in creating city after city and scene after scene made entirely of Legos. Discovering each vignette was a Simple Joy I was so pleased to share with the entire family!

SeaWorld. If you’ve never been I have to highly recommend this venue. Part amusement park, part live entertainment, and part education, this place is a phenomenal place for making fantastic experiences.

Sea mammals, exotic birds, and engaging trainers come together to offer awe-inspiring reactions. I was moved to tears by messages of conservation, compassion, and love. I was laughing so hard at one show that tears streamed down my face in sheer delight!

My children and I touched a sting ray, reached for dolphins, learned about the arctic wildlife, and saw several species of sharks. Each adventure was better than the next wand we all lamented that we didn’t have enough time there.

Enjoying SeaWolrd was a Simple Joy we’ll never forget.

Meeting Mickey Mouse. It was our last day. We had met some fairies including Tinkerbell, Donald Duck, and a green army man from Toy Story, but we had yet to meet the mouse. Until the last day when , within minutes of arriving, we saw that Mickey Mouse was signing autographs and taking pictures.

He was dressed in the Sorcer’s Apprentice outfit from Fantasiaand his line was relatively short. Upon seeing Mickey Mouse my daughter squealed in excitement.

Once my children got their turn with Mickey Mouse, the awesomeness of the moment struck me hard. My sons were showing miles of smiles and my daughter was star struck and anxious to hug, touch, and speak with her favorite star.

Upon leaving my daughter snagged another hug from Mickey Mouse prompting me to get one, too. Seeing my children in full bliss was a Simple Joy that was worth every penny of this vacation. Truly.

Home. Our vacation was fantastic. We enjoyed most every moment and reveled in having my husband with us the entire time – no work, no school, no homework. We had an idyllic time. But, no matter how nearly perfect the vacation was, we all missed home. The boys missed their Legos, the little girl missed her Disney princess dolls, and my husband and I missed our bed – we were sleeping in twin beds during the vacation like we were in a 1950s sitcom, don’t ask.

Enjoying the vacation was a Simple Joy indeed, but all being happy to be home at the end was a Simple Joy that is priceless.

These Simple Joys were years in the making – years of planning, years of saving, and years of anticipating. We know we are very lucky to have been able to do this trip. We are thankful.

But what I learned is that my living with Simple Joys in my life has given me a great, fresh, and wonderful perspective on life, my life. That the times at home, with my husband, with each child, and my friends culminate in an attitude of gratitude that permeates my life.

Writing down my Simple Joys works for me. Whether it does for you or simply recognizing them in your life will make a difference.

I wish you all Simple Joys.

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