Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

It always, to this day, strikes me as odd how I can be having the worst moments in my life coupled with some amazing highlights.

What I am learning is that out of the ashes rises a new level of communication, understanding, strength, optimism, hope, and perspective.

And like the Phoenix, I rise from the ashes, over and over again, to reinvent, reinvest, and realign myself to better tackle what lies ahead.

In the meantime, even when I’m surely at the depths of despair, Simple Joys appear that lighten the moment, the mood, and my heart.

I am so very grateful for Simple Joys.

Now, without further ado, is this week's Simple Joys.

Reading Award. My middle boy was inaugurated into the Books and Beyond program at his elementary school. From November through February the children are supposed to read with their parents a certain minimum each week, record the stories and the minutes, and, hopefully, achieve the goal to win a gold medal at the end of the time period.

We are avid readers in our family. My son finished the program early and simply adores books/reading. Last week the whole family was able to attend his awards ceremony which, to the credit of the principal, was meaningful, entertaining, and, best of all, short!

My son couldn’t have been more pleased with his gold medal and I was very proud of my son. Watching my son excel throughout the term and then receive a medal that gives him more incentive to continue reading is a Simple Joy we’ll all share for a lifetime and more!

Spring Break. My husband’s school was on Spring Break last week so he was able to come home from work and just be home. We could slow our pace down a bit, enjoy dinners together nightly, and catch a glimpse of what life might be like when he is finished with his Master’s Program at the end of the term.

It’s been a rough road, a frustrating time period, and a path that required many sacrifices, but the light is truly at the end of the tunnel.

Having some downtime during my husband’s Spring Break delivered a bountiful of Simple Joys that belie what is ahead when he finishes the program.

Wednesday Night. Last week I did something that I left me both sad and excited. I signed off air for what may be the last time on “The Main Event Show” on Eventlevel.com. I love the program which showcases indie artists in all fields but most of all music. I have made friends, contacts, and family at the show. My exposure to indie music has been vast and I liked a majority of it.

My Wednesday line up is changing for a very good reason, though. I am ecstatic to announce that I have developed my own Internet Radio program called “Drafting the Circuits with Chief 187™, Crate, & Sinista 1” on http://WhooBazoo.com. The premiere is this Wednesday at 9pm EST.

Drafting the Circuits with Chief 187™, Crate, & Sinista 1” is a racing program that will primarily be about NASCAR but will include other forms of racing from IndyCar to F1 to local events important to our listenership. I hope you will join me as I embark on this new broadcasting endeavor.

Having treasured experiences on “The Main Event Show” and knowing I’ll continue to work with many of the same people on “The Final Round Show” on Sunday nights from 8-10pm EST on Eventlevel.com is comforting.

Launching my very own racing program with co-hosts I hand-picked and entering this new stage of my professional life is a Simple Joy that, quite frankly, blows my mind!

Girl Time. Being the youngest of three children, two of whom are very active and get shuttled here and there, must be taxing on a little girl. My daughter rarely complains when we have to go out at night, even when it’s close to her bedtime. But last week we had time to spend just she and I while her father took her brothers to their evening activity.

My daughter was suffering from a cold so she was “off”. After we watched a movie I took her up for a warm bath. We talked, played and laughed together. Then, once she was dry and in pajamas, we played with her toys for a very long time. No distractions, no other children pulling my attention, and no computer beckoning.

What I noticed most was my beautiful daughter had no need to throw any two-year-old tantrums, was content that she had my undivided attention, and forgot about the unpleasantness of her cold because she had Mommy all to herself.

These times will be rare, but this one is a Simple Joy as precious as a gem.

Cadbury Mini Eggs in both milk and dark chocolate. That’s it, they’re just so yum that they make the list this week. Eating them is a sinful Simple Joy!

In my life I’m finding the old adage “a silver lining in every cloud” holds true more often than not. By opening my heart, mind, and moods up to exploring and finding Simple Joys they appear. Sometimes I’m even able to make them!

And, as I ended my list this week, it’s also important to remember to end each day on a sweet note, even if that means literally!

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic on yet another topic at Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We all need to take the time to recognize our simple joys. It's something I'm working harder at because it matters! Keep up the great work.