Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Music Blog-Desert Songs

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

With the NASCAR race out in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend, my thoughts have been about hot,

sandy, arid deserts. I’ve not been fortunate enough to get to Phoenix or Arizona but the pictures I’ve seen are breathtaking and have me drawn to the area.

This week’s focus is songs that make you think of the desert, mention deserts, or has desert in the title. Be sure to include the artist for each entry you give as well as the song name.

I encourage you to check back with this Friday Music Blog throughout the day and weekend to watch the selections grow. Also, remember weekends are a fantastic time to browse the Chief 187™Chatter archives. From Monday Movie or Media Blogs to Tantalizing Thursday recipes and everything in-between, there is a ton of helpful information, fun topics, and feel-good pieces to delve.

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  1. Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling

    "I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight, with a million stars all around."

    (And get sand in places we shouldn't?!?)

  2. Dream Theater, Lines in the Sand. You know you have never heard it, check it out.

  3. I've been to Phoenix, in the summer. 104 w/ high humidity... BLECH!!

    The song that immediately came to mind was "Horse With No Name"

    and when I took my road trip to Phoenix I listened to

    "Hotel California" a lot. I don't know that, that has
    anything to do with the desert, but it reminds me of the desert.

    Phoenix is a track I'd like to get to.

  4. Mr. Sandman by the Andrew Sisters ;D

  5. Racer187 got my first thought! Never been to Phoenix? It is a FABULOUS area...Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, it! And there IS grass there; you'd be surprised.

  6. Kashmir Led Zep. Rock the Casba The Clash Dust In The Wind Kansas