Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is Sexy?

What is sexy?
A look, a style, a glance, a grin?
An outfit, underwear, cologne, or certain articles of clothes?
A plunging neckline, backless top, short skirt, or one with a tall slit ala Angelina Jolie?
Tight jeans, boots, and a motorcycle jacket? Fitted three-piece suit, fine Italian-leather dress shoes, and a silk scarf?
Red lips, pale lips, tattoos, tons of mascara, false eyelashes, dewy complexions, long hair, short hair, curls, pin-straight hair, flat chested, overly enhanced, curvy hips, straight lines?

Or is sexiness truly more cerebral?

Wicked sense of humor, intelligence, common sense?

Perhaps sexiness is a connection between two people.

History, comfort, intimacy.

We have endless images thrown at us telling us what is sexy, but when we take a moment to choose, we find a very unique idea that Madison Avenue cannot ever truly duplicate.

What is sexy to you?


  1. While there is a certain "look" I'm attracted to, for me, it's all in the vibes :O)

  2. Boy Next Door look... think Robert Sean Leonard and Christopher Gorham (Google them up).

    I've enjoyed looking at RSL since the movie "My Best Friend is a Vampire". Most everyone remembers him from the movie "Dead Poet's Society" and now more recently, his role on "House" as Dr. James Wilson. I still to this day when he comes on the screen say to myself, "He is SO cute!" I've seen him in interviews and he is on the arrogant side which is disappointing. I think I have seen just about every movie he has been in. He is most certainly my longest running celebrity crush.

    I "discovered" Christopher Gorham when he played love interest, accountant Henry to "Ugly Betty", then he was the **(SPOILER ALERT!!)** serial killer in the spring thriller series "Harper's Island", now he plays the CIA blind tech ops guy on USA's "Covert Affairs". He has a boy next door face with the bad boy body. Whew! That smile gets me every time.

    I also find Justin Timberlake & Adam Levine very sexy... But for them it is more about their talk show personas and the way they dress. Oh yeah, and their eyes and charming smiles.

    Anderson Cooper is sexy for his smarts and self deprecating humor. And those steely blues and silver hair.

    If you look at all of those guys (with the exception of Anderson), they all have small dark eyes, great bone structure and charming smiles... apparently, this is my "type." :D

  3. BTW, the picture of the guy walking down the runway? HHHHOOOOTTTTT!!!!! Gorgeous! Sexy! YUM!

  4. I'm not usually attracted to the youthful boyish look: I have always found middle-aged ruggedness sexy in men. Some of Brad Pitt's "cowboy" characters; Hugh Jackman; John Stamos; Kevin Costner. In us ladies, I think sexiness shines through our own personal sense of self-understanding. And I agree with the post above, it's all in the vibes and chemistry.

  5. Thank you for the pic of Anne H! I love her :)

  6. I think sexy is a woman wearing clothes that fix her and are somewhat reveiling but just enough to keep you looking for more.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts, Ed! Great answer!