Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Video Games from Your Youth

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. Video games have long been

a favorite past time (and for some a religion) for many of all different generations. I must admit I was never the owner of a gaming system as a child, played terribly whether at the arcade or at a friend’s home, and, even today, feel my blood pressure rise with anxiety when playing a video game. Realizing this, I try to expose my children to some well-chosen Wii video games and I can see their hand-eye coordination improve ten-fold over what mine was at their ages. Incidentally, we did not choose the Wii, it chose us. My eldest son won it at his Dojo years ago. It was a grand-prize drawing and he was the lucky winner! I do so enjoy Wii for the interactive sports games, Wii Fit, and the Lego games I’ve written about previously.

This week’s focus for the Monday Media Blog is the favorite video games of your youth. Do you pre-date video games and play pinball at the arcade? Were you addicted to Pong? Did you start out with an Atari system playing Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Frogger? Was Donkey Kong your game? Educate me and others about your gaming history by including the system you used and the games you grew up with for entertainment.

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  1. I recall an era with the Atari 2600 and a whole buncha cartridges. I also remember an era of the IBM PC with Pirates! and Civilization. Now there are children in my life with a Wii and many Lego games.

  2. A neighbor had an Atari and I remember playing Pac-Man, Frogger and another game that I can't even remember the name of (but really enjoyed).

    My brother got an NES and I loved playing Super Mario Brothers and thought finishing the game was a great achievement. My brother also had a game called Kid Icarus that I LOVED!!!

    We have a GameCube and my favorite of all of those games is Pace-Man Fever. It is a board game type game with mini games that frankly, I rock at. You can play alone or with others and it really is a lot fun. No pressure, but fun competition

    We have a Wii now, and I downloaded Super Mario Brothers and shocked my kids at what I remembered from the game. Daniel even accused me of cheating! ;) I love Wii Sports & Wii Fit and am the house champion for Lotus Focus. Some of the games the kids play give me motion sickness.

  3. My dad, who always had to have the latest gadget, brought home a blocker game that hooked up to the TV...the game was black and white of course!

  4. Yes, I am very satisfied with your views that there is really an excitement resides in our body to play video games in childhood. Our blood pressure shows that. I was also very fond of video games playing.

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  5. I still have my Atari 2700. There used to be a huge game room in the downstairs area of the mall back in the 70's and 80's where I went to play pool, video games and pinball machines. Pinball was my favorite but I liked the video games Centipede and Break Out.