Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a thing for love. I always have. And, no matter neither how old I get nor how long I’ve been with the same guy, I have this starry-eyed teen-aged girl trapped inside of me. She’s not going anywhere; I seemed to have learned to incorporate her into my adult life.

My iPod is chock full of romantic songs. I adore love songs and easily put myself in the song as the one longing for my love or crooning about my love or lamenting about my love. Love songs restore my faith in love and romance. I even enjoy sad songs about love ending.

“Touch Me in the Morning” Diana Ross
“Sometimes When We Touch” Dan Hill
“Your Body is a Wonderland” John Mayer

My guilty pleasure is watching romantic movies while I’m exercising. Whether teens as the lead or young (or older) adults, I wistfully recall a time when I was that age and the whole romantic world was in front of me. A two hour escape into a world of love, romance, & mild conflict is so pleasurable.

500 Days of Summer
When Harry Met Sally
P.S. I Love You

Romance novels have long been my best vacation. I am a proud fan of Danielle Steel’s sumptuous novels and have read many books with strong romantic threads. Human relationships, especially the ones built around romantic love, fascinate me. I don’t need Harlequin Romance novels, just a great story with a love story built in satisfies me.

Anything by Danielle Steel. Seriously.
The Handyman by Carolyn See
Love Story by Erich Segal

I may be middle-aged, mother to three children and married for half my life to the same man, but I have not abandoned the young ingénue whose life yearns for love, romance, passion, sex and adventure. And while I am ecstatically happy in my personal life, am married to my Prince Charming who still treats me like his Princess, I can’t help but enjoy listening, watching, and reading about love and romance as it fills in the gaps, makes me appreciate what I do have, and keeps me connected to my younger self.

Am I the only one who loves love? Am I odd that I adore watching men and women fall in love, wide-eyed and optimistic? Is my hopeless romanticism part of an ideal that no longer exists in the real world? I don’t care, I’m staying this way. Care to join me?


  1. I think feeling "in love" and remembering the passion of youth is healthy for Marriage. Love is a good thing. I love "love" My heart run on a mix of solar radiation (sunshine & smiles) and love.

  2. "We live for love" ...isn't that a Pat Benatar tune?