Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful/Tantalizing Thursday

Welcome to Chief 187™Chatter on Thanksgiving 2011. It is with much love, gratitude, appreciation, and humbleness I write this post to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Today, in addition to recipes for leftover turkey on Tantalizing Thursday, I want to take this opportunity to “say” what I am thankful as if you were all around my table today. This could get a little winded but please bear with me.

This year I have been blessed by much in my life. First I thank my family; my husband, Racer 187, who is my rock, my IT department, my partner, my soul mate, my best friend, my lover, the father of my children, the caretaker when I cannot be, and my all-time most staunch and passionate supporter. I thank my children who, in their own special and unique ways, support Mommy’s career, provide endless fodder for my blogs, especially Simple Joys, teach me life lessons along the way, and make me so proud and glad that I have them to care for in my life and hold their hearts in mine forever. I am thankful for my parents who not only read my work, compliment my talent, and love me unconditionally, but who try to help me financially with Chief 187™so I can continue to reach for my dream. I am also thankful for my in-laws who equally support my efforts to build my career, who love me like I am their own, and make me proud to be a part of their family. I am thankful for my brothers, my niece, and all of my extended family who make the world a richer and happier place for me.

Professionally there are many who deserve my thanks as well. For those of you who don’t know, I am working on many sites all over the Internet. I began my online writing at so I would like to thank Buzz Cutler for featuring my first few blogs back in 2007 and talking about them on the podcast. We’ve always had an amazing relationship and I love and respect him. Without Rowdy and Buzz Cutler’s support, I don’t think anybody would have heard of Chief 187™.

I want to thank Melany and her boyfriend Bill Davidson for reading my work at Rowdy in a near drunken state and liking them. That incident led to me working at WhooBazoo. Bill and I became fast friends and my writing gig grew to include radio work because of Bill's suggestion. Curtis, Eric, Tony at WhooBazoo have been wonderful to work with and get to know. Eric Foster, especially, has challenged me, rattled me, made me laugh, and made me truly enjoy watching races again. To date, he is the ONLY man I have ever texted during a NASCAR race! Mike Fiore is a man I “ove” and met through WhooBazoo; he is friend, confidant, and all-around great guy who I am most thankful for meeting and teaches me much every time we talk!

My work at WhooBazoo allowed for me to get work at the Indie Republic Network’s Eventlevel station. There I need to thank Cyber Narcotics (great name, right?!), Master Willz, Sinista 1, DB, Rick O, Leffykins, Muffin, and our other support talent for being warm, welcoming, gracious, and fantastic. Cyber Narcotics has been integral in empowering me when I grew weary of my talent. He talked me up, gave me wings, and proudly watched me fly. Cyber Narcotics syndicated my work throughout the Indie Republic Network. Cyber Narcotics gave me a forum and for those things I am forever grateful. A nod of thankfulness to MSLB as well, the woman who hustles, works hard, taught me much, and keeps it all together in the Indie Republic. And to Keith Hayes who is the most gracious man who believed in me since Day 1, introduces me to incredible people and validates me constantly.

With the help of my friend Bill I found work as a NASCAR columnist at Skirts and Scuffs website writing “Why I Love NASCAR” by Chief 187™. I adore that column and the women who I work with like creator Katy, Editors Rebecca, Unique, and, most specifically, my editor, Amanda. Amanda was the first editor I have ever worked and we get along famously! All of the women at the site I treasure and make me so proud to be a part of an all-female staffed (yet all -inclusive content) site.

I also found work at WowShaneRadio via Twitter. I was simply networking and I met Shane Carson. We hit it off immediately as we are positive, energetic, hard-working people. Our personalities gelled, my work ethic pleased him, and my content floored him. Moreover, Shane is just a very good man. He is my friend and for that, most importantly, I am so thankful.

I am thankful for Hanlon Razor who’s enthusiasm, raw talent, incredible mind, and sheer awe of me makes me infinitely better at what I do. No worries, he’s laughing about that comment I assure you! But seriously, Hanlon makes me strive to be better every time we are on air together. We are a very good team and he is a very dear friend who I am most certainly thankful!

And then there are those who have supported my writing career throughout the year. People like Jules, Art Tidesco, Pam Fedoush Pastiva, Peg Wiggins, Wandisville, Archidude, and Grumpa who have followed my career since the Rowdy days. They never falter in their love, support, friendship, and encouragement for me. They all hold a most special and important place in my heart.

And, as I expanded my friend base, there were more who championed my work and promoted me passionately like W.F. (Bill) Stone, Richard Fazio, James Lance Juris, and Tom “Little Red” Vogt. These men took it as a mission to spread my works to all who would read.

Bill was the very first to take up my cause telling me every day how talented a writer I am and showing me how to grow my readership, utilize Twitter, and even introduced me to the great women at Skirts and Scuffs. Then he encouraged me, when I was getting cold feet, to apply for a writing position at the site. He wouldn’t let me walk away from the challenge. I dare say that Bill is the primary reason my reach online is as far as it currently is because Bill helped me navigate the map, taught me the inner workings, and constantly told me to reach for the stars.

Richard has been my most ardent and supportive “fan” who not only enjoys my NASCAR posts but is wholly enamored with my Simple Joys blogs. He tries to spread that post far and wide and that makes me forever grateful for his kindness and friendship. He is a very good man.

James was someone I “met” on Twitter who put me on a list. I was grateful so I tweeted him. He tweeted back. We’ve never stopped tweeting to one another. We finally took the friendship to Facebook. We’re friends. And James has never stopped promoting me and growing my influence online. He is selfless, caring, and just plain wonderful.

Tom is one of my dearest friends who I met such a short time ago. He is the son of NASCAR’s creator, an educated Georgia boy living in California who, for whatever reason, stumbled upon my writings via Facebook, friended me, sent me a private message, and we connected! From the time he started reading me Tom has made it his goal to get my works to the masses. He is tireless in his support of my career and the most caring friend.I am thankful for his steadfast and strenuous support of not only my career but me as well.

Redneck Mannikko, Bob Stafford, Dr. Rus Jeffrey, Douglas Bittinger, Dr. Mo(nique), Paul Wiggins, Carlyle, Mia, Staticulator, Spreading Joy, Melissa Foster, Chuck Oldman, Leslie Mostrup, Lani Osterman, Eugene Booth, Mehmet Nariçi, Stacy Hyatt, Johnny G. Scott, The Soulful EMU™, Atila, Appopallus, Stephen and Melissa Brown and so many others that it is overwhelming and wonderful! I am truly blessed with a host of terrific people who make up my readership and my unofficial team to help me spread my words. There truly are scores of others who help me every day on Facebook, on Twitter, and myriad other places to help me succeed. I am truly thankful for you all!

Now, just to be consistent, I am offering up a recipe for leftover turkey; after all, it is Tantalizing Thursday! Once again, wishing you ALL a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Pot Pie
Recipe developed by Chief 187™


• 1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch double crust pie
• 2 cups cubed cooked turkey
• 2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
• Approximately 2 cups of leftover turkey gravy


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
Line bottom of pie pan with one crust.
Mix together the turkey, mixed vegetables, and turkey gravy. Pour into pie crust, cover with top crust and crimp edges.
Poke holes in top crust and bake for 40 to 50 minutes.

This recipe is simple, utilizes leftovers, and scores big for comfort food lovers. Serve leftover cranberry sauce on the side or a tossed salad. Reheat mashed or sweet potatoes (or both) as sides, too. Leftover vegetables can be used in the pie in lieu of the frozen kind. I never make just one of these pies as they go quickly and, if there are leftovers, they store well for a couple of days and make a great lunch reheated in the microwave. For use the rest of the year, substitute chicken for turkey and chicken gravy or cream of chicken soup +milk for liquid.

Tired of the traditional turkey flavor after the Big Day & have had your fill of turkey sandwiches? Shred your turkey and mix in taco seasoning – Turkey Tacos are scrumptious and a totally different taste! Enjoy!!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm always refreshed with your posts! Its awesome to see someone grateful for the millions of little things in her world!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Woops ! I thought Thanks Giving was on Sunday, I celebrated it then too, must get with the programme.

    Happy Thanks Giving to THE first family of NJ - 'The 187's' and to all of their friends.

  3. Happy Happy Hapyyyyyyyy Thanksgiving to you & all your loved ones Dear Candice : ) Lots 'n' Lots of Blessings & love your way my kind friend and Thank you SO much for bringing so many many smiles to all our faces :D!

    With many Best wishes & regards :D!
    M. Faizan (@Staticulator on Twitter)

  4. I'm bawlin my eyes out! I love you hon! I miss you guys!

  5. What an uplifting post to read today! Sweet, thoughtful and kind of you to think of others so often.

    It is we who are blessed to have you in our lives.