Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Movie Blog - Thanksgiving Edition

Welcome to the Monday Movie Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. This week is Thanksgiving

Week! With the big day on a Thursday, children off of school on both that day and Friday, and the amount of Americans traveling to and from visiting friends and family, Thanksgiving Week offers ample opportunity to watch movies. Hollywood knows this and uses this week to premiere a slew of holiday-themed movies and blockbusters as well as a few hard-core films that may be considered for Academy Awards next year. People flock to the theaters. If you are like me and

would rather stay home because of comfort, expense, or dispassion for crowds, then glance through the many Monday Movie Blogs and find a movie (or movies) that fits your taste this Thanksgiving Week.

This week’s focus is movies that take place during or on Thanksgiving. Christmas gets such a starring role in myriad films, but Thanksgiving is used much more sparingly by filmmakers. Please list any and all movies that use Thanksgiving in its storyline, either predominantly or in passing. Be sure to include a list of actors in the movie as well as a brief synopsis or review of the film.

To access former Monday Movie Blogs (or have your cousin, aunt, niece, or grandfather do it) simply type “Monday Movie Blog” into the search feature located in the upper left hand corner of this page. For any archived or current post, I encourage you to add more selections to the topic provided. This is a living and ever-expanding resource for all to use. I hope you find many opportunities to use it throughout the Thanksgiving Week!

Please join me tomorrow for Chief 187™Chatter’s most popular post of any week and most fitting post for Thanksgiving Week, Simple Joys.


  1. I am looking at my DVR's "To-Do" list...
    On Thanksgiving Day, at 5:00 p.m. on the HUB my favorite Christmas movie, "The Muppet Christmas Carol" is being aired.
    Then at 8:00 p.m. on ABC they are airing, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".
    Can't beat that line up!

  2. One of our favorite Thanksgiving movies is a feature-length special episode of The Waltons. Very touching! The Thanksgiving Story (

    Oops... just checked the specs, it's only 60 minutes, maybe it doesn't count as a "movie" - although with commercials it would be 90 minutes at least :-)